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Friday, 15 November 2013

Taxation is the gun in the room and social benifit is the illusion.

If the state resolved to reject all use of force to enforce its dictates how long would it last?  Who would agree to pay taxes if the outcome of denying their polite requests was zilch enforcement.  If you call for a socialist state with its redistribution of wealth but you fail to recognise the 'gun in the room' you are not being honest with yourself at the least.

I don't care what magical costumes and special powers statists wish to imagine for your state's authorities, if they come for peoples money and will use violent force to make that happen that is violent theft.

I agree with Socialists that there is a "wealthy elite" who "through manipulation of our politics and economies" are taking more than they rightly should derive.  That is the fact.

So the statist's solution is what: this system is not working so we need to do even more of it, exert more control, make more rules.

I say this system of state and government is and always will be manipulated to favour the very few.  That is what it is for.  The idea that government delivers wide ranging social benefit is an illusion to grant a form of justification for the illusionary edifice of the state to exist at all.

How long would the people support the concept of the state if the people could clearly see they derived absolutely no social benefit at all, just paid taxes.  That would clearly be slavery.

If a state taxed 1% and delivered nothing it may, via the use of force, just about survive.  But at 50% and never any apparent benefit at all, ever: revolution.

A tax of 30% and a degree of social benefit people swing along with it.  Add to that 14 years of government school indoctrination and a fundamentally uncritical media and they even can start to push-up the levels of taxation.

This balancing act is not how the state works, it is the illusion it creates of how it works whilst, in reality, the truly wealthy elite own and control politics and economies.

Without the state to do the bidding of this 'truly wealthy elite' they are cut-off from the control mechanism they depend upon, have invented, to maintain their advantage whilst the people fail to see the state for what it really is, a modern form of slavery, and instead think it is all about delivering social benefit and justice.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The authority of the state will always be usurped by the few at the expense of the many

The alternative is to do away with this dangerous failed deceitful system of democracy, but not to return to yet another government of appointed officials. (The authority of the state will always be usurped by the few at the expense of the many). Rather do away with the whole busted, dated legacy of primitive tribal order. End our belief and reliance in the false illusionary paradigm of the state and its government too.

"Laissez-nous faire"
1. The individual is primary in human society.
2. Freedom is a natural right.
3. Nature is a harmonious and self-regulating system. Human society as a part of nature will be harmonious if free to be a fully self-regulating system also.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Unweaving the state's web by means of autonomous cooperation

The deeper and deeper the stupidity tangle becomes the more and more convolutions are added again and again to try and solve a knot so inextricably spun it can never be unwound by prescriptive means.  NEVER will be unwound by prescriptive means.


This is the lesson human society is going to have to learn:  the concept of 'the state' is a busted flush.  It is a horrendously out-of-date illusionary hangover from neolithic tribal ordering, from wolf packs, from street dogs.

Mankind can do better than this.  This reliance on the state coming to save us all, like a omnipotent god with special powers, like mummy and daddy caring for a little child, has to be seen for the illusion that it is and broken free from.

The two things the state does well is a/. self-perpetuation and b/. provide a mechanism for 'vampires' to feed off the productiveness of humanity.  At everything else it really really sucks!

I feel like I am one of very few atheists, a castaway in a world of utter religious maniacs, a population so deeply indoctrinated into an extremely dangerous false belief system that only a complete implosion of the 'order' they think results is going to shock them out of it.

There are no single answers for unwinding the inevitable knots human society will always weave.  That is why 'scientific socialism' is always destined to be a path of failure and collapse.  The answers can only be found from ground-upwards solutions found by human society, on mass, via naturally occurring activity evolving autonomously into securing the most durable and efficient mechanisms for the optimum fruiting of humanity.

' In this world there is room for everyone. And the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way.

Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed. We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical. Our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity. More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost....'
The Great Dictator's Speech

Friday, 1 November 2013

Naked Capitalism and a more Natural World Order

The idea of 'privatisation of public services' rather infers that these services are still 'public services' just run on the behalf of the public by private enterprise.  There are anticipated merits in that approach, reducing waste, improving cost efficiency, cutting-out 'job entitlement', etc.  There are also disadvantages to privatisation such as excessive profit making and the need for continuous government supervision.  The real problem of state operated public services being privatised is not addressed just by privatising the operation but fundamentally still retaining the states monopoly over the service.  And that is not what is proposed by Rothbard.

What the "The Libertarian Manifesto" calls for is naked capitalism - unregulated by any form of state mechanism; because there is no state!  So any service the public generally wants to purchase is totally open to be offered by any business that wishes to tackle that market.  If the service provider provides a poor service/price equation people soon vote with their feet and that company goes out of business.  If a company offer a good package, insurance that includes a certain proportion of charitable contribution for example, people will buy their service if the offer is compatible with what they value.

Every example (I can think of) of capitalism taking unfair advantage of and manipulating the marketplace can be drilled-down to find eventually it is actually dependent on the existence of 'the state' and taking advantage of the authority and regulation of the state.

Monopolistic business practices in themselves are not actually a problem, a company that offers an unbeatable price/service in a free market deserves to, and will by default, gain a monopoly.  The problem comes when the monopoly is gained by means other than just an unbeatable price/service mix within a free market.  For example Standard Oil 'took' the market because it found a way to circumnavigate legislation designed to prevent such monopolistic practices.  Had the legislation not existed they would have been exposed to a market where every one of their competitors were also able to compete on a level field - including all attempting to work towards capturing a monopoly of the oil market.  By having prohibitive legislation the state effectively caused the unfair advantage.

That the state, or elements within the state, deliberately causes disarray so to force change or to make the change they provided appear successful (a strategy Common Purpose is accused of) is not an argument for keeping services within the state.  It is an illustration of why the state is not a suitable mechanism for operating such activities because the authority of the state can be, and often is, abused.

The state needs to justify its existence and does so by means of appearing to meet and by manipulating public perception.  Clearly a government that just taxes and builds fabulous palaces for an aristocratic class will not be well supported for long.  A government that is considered to provide 'law and order, economy and welfare, education and health, defence and diplomacy' may conversely look like they are providing not only a useful range of services in an optimal way but services imposable to fulfil without the involvement of a state.  Bernays was years behind the curve.

A relatively small proportion of taxes gathered is actually spent on providing this succor to the masses but it is an investment, of the people's money, well spent on behalf of the state; for it provides the state's government with a 'democratic majority' and therefore apparent legitimacy.  Democracy is a gift to those who would control the people since their willing compliance, in ignorance of the true situation, is a less costly and more productive form of enslavement than old-fashioned brutality and force.  All that needs to be done is to control the political parties, their candidates and have influence over of the bulk of the media.

Belief in the legitimacy and necessity of the state is the most prevalent delusion suffered by humanity.  The state is no more than a system of manipulation and control, quasi-religious in nature.   The world has a wealth of resources to provide an abundance for human society but distribution of wealth has always been hampered by our innate competitiveness.

The primary method for diverting wealth to the few has been social power, power of pack leader, tribal leader, priest, monarch, the state.  It is the oldest form of establishment - older than humanity itself.  This power establishment has been evolving into ever deepening consolidation and is reaching a point where nations are being melded into continental unions and those unions responding to a single central global governance. 

This is a dangerous time for human society - the risk is the nature and motives of the money-power that has sponsored the drive towards single world governance and the vulnerability of such a single system for tyrannical authoritarianism (multiplicity provides multiple fail-safes).  We stand at a crossroad where the choice is simply between accepting the drive towards this greater global state as essential and inevitable or smashing the paradigm and allowing humanity to operate in a more natural order without centralised control of any sort.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Illusion of Money

Home-made money may not be accepted as 'legal tender' but anyone is free to buy and sell in any currency they wish. Just the state does not have to accept it as payment of debt and nor does anyone else.  If I buy and sell in JP YEN exclusively I must still pay my tax bill in UK Pounds.

Because of this the illusion is that the only good means of 'tender' is the state issued 'legal tender' and so there appears to be no real market for any alternative currencies, even those that may have clearly very substantial backing.

If there was an alternative currency of substantial backing and the state declared they would accept it by way of payment, recognise it as legal tender, it would potentially become useful and adopted.

But that is not going to occur simply because: if the new currency's backing is more resilient (not a fiat currency and so resistant to inflation) than the state's own tender (which is an inflationary fiat currency) we should all be able to workout what will result.

This is one reason why the state holds the monopoly for the production of their legal tender. The other reason is publishing a fiat currency is, well, like printing your own money.

So why does the banking system not take the advantage and publish their own currencies in competition with the state? (It would be easy to develop insurances for exchanging to state money for paying your tax-bills and the like).

Banks are not going to try to compete because it is the banks that actually produce a large part of the state currency, from nothing, with fractional reserve banking for which they are granted a monopoly by the state. So effectively they are already reaping in the benefit whilst getting the state to act as lender of last resort.

So why does a non banking organisation not issue a new currency? They could but the existing banking system would refuse to deal with it so an entirely independent banking structure would have to be put into place. Bit Coins is an example of this concept.


SOVEREIGNTY is all about ownership.  A human has sovereignty over their own body, mind and life. Self.   A human also has sovereignty over the the fruit of their own labour.  That is natural law.

People believe this 'sovereignty of self' can be submitted to various other entities and they certainly are entitled to act as though they can.

More dangerously people believe they can arbitrarily insist other people submit their sovereignty to these entities.  This is the fundamental flaw in the false belief in the state.

The state is a system of belief where people must submit their self-sovereignty to the state and the state becomes the sovereign entity on behalf of the totality of the people.

The state then supposedly makes decisions on behalf of all the people, for the good of the whole.

It is presented rather like a parent child relationship.  Clearly you cannot allow a two year old complete self-sovereignty when there is an open fireplace in the room.  But you cannot decide eat the child either.  It is a limited submission of sovereignty.  There is an element of trust and reasonableness.

For one's nation (into which one's sovereignty has been caused to be usurped) to be dissolve and that sovereignty then to be assumed by a completely different administrative primacy is a very fundamental change. 

I say such a change is outside of the remit of the nation.  I say we humans are not a herd of beasts whose ownership can be swapped.

I say the rise of EU sovereign supremacy over the nation state is being brought about by Fabian DECEPTION.  I do not like attempts to fool me being perpetrated and will 'not do business' with such people - especially allow them to steal my sovereignty.  Not a f***ing chance.

And I refuse.  I don't need some 'democratic vote' and have to go along with it whatever the majority outcome happens to be.

My sovereignty is for me to do with as I wish.  I refuse because I can see clearly through the whole false and ridiculous paradigm, I do not believe in the concept of the state and I am therefore no longer a part of it (to the extent that is possible without going to live in the woods).

Woof woof - the Dogs of war

As though the fault just lays with the dogs who do the dirty-work. The dogs are spanked and all the little people go back to sleep thinking they have seen justice, that the principle has been served. Yes dogs need to know they will be punished too but who are their masters?

Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Worst Form of Government

Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.
Sir Winston Churchill, Hansard, November 11, 1947

And perhaps I agree. There is no better practical method of forming a government.

One would I trust, in all genuineness, accept this point: if there was no government there would be no risk of then having a government full of ineffectiveness, deceit, corruption, infiltration and so on. How could it be if it did not exist?

So if we want to do away with this colossal downside of government we know how that can be done. Get rid of it. The only question then really is: can human society effectively operate without a state of a government.

Years of indoctrination have trained us to utterly and instantly reject this prospect even though, all about us, all the strife and chaos can be drilled down to being as of the result of states and governments.

For the alternative, a stateless society, we have no spoon-fed reference points. We have to think the prospect through, step by step, for ourselves.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Outline of the Plans for Global Governance

Global Union is the mandate of the UN - or to give it the UN's parlance: 'global governance'.

The future power structure the UN requires forming a series of ever-consolidating pan-continental regions.  The EU is the early template and test-bed.  The North American Union should be next.

Every geopolitical step can be recognised as a step towards this resolution, the ambition of which is occulted from the plain view of the uninquisitive, the incurious and the general standard: the outright gullible.

Within these unions the old nation states will be divided into regions.  Some small regions could reflect existing national borders, like Scotland.  Generally the old nation states will be split-up into regions who will report directly to the Union.  There will be no national governments, no need for that level of authority, but there will be geographical 'mega-regions' defined to help with development and such.

The justification is to allow for the scientific management of the world which, they believe, is precluded greatly by the present nation state type of system. 

The second major justification is the preclusion of war.  Instead of war between one nation and another the whole of humanity will be in the grasp of an soviet socialist authoritarian tyranny, which will be fascist as there will be an elite who operate and own the whole enterprise  - which will be nice.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Prostrate Before the State

On the other hand belief in the omnipotent power of the state, its right to have that power such as we would not bestow on any individual, its supreme legitimacy, its unquestioned existence, the authority of its officers and so on.

Now that is a dangerous belief, one that is unquestioningly indoctrinated into every child and followed by almost the entire population of the world.  What a cult it is and how certain are its proponents of its legitimacy.

All its followers are vehemently resistant to those who dare to question their belief.  I say it is nothing but an illusion and for that I am a hieratic.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Dark Heart of the Union

I frankly, genuinely, do not doubt the sincerity of some, many, the majority even, of those involved within the European project.

There is bound to be corruption and ineptness when a new order is devised and implemented so quickly. This is typical of all governments, all public offices, all forms of authority. There will be abuse. Cookies will get stolen. It happens.

What people do not understand, including this gaggle of well intention and committed friends, is there is a covert darkness behind the whole enterprise and all are caused to be just playing right into it hands.

Too often the meaning of 'darkness' and of especially 'the occult' are completely misunderstood. This is not unintentional. 'To occult' means simply to hide and this is the clue to understanding what the occult is really about. Clearly it is the same inference with darkness.

Truth, clarity, openness. These are the sort of words one does not readily associate with darkness and the occult.

I think the truth of the EU has been hidden in darkness, occulted, from the minds of all but those who work to seek-out the hidden truth and actual meaning.

This is how states, of all forms, have conducted themselves to control and manipulate the people from time immemorial. And this, the oldest established legacy of prehistoric-mankind to still remain, the state and its utter dependency upon deception to function, needs to be seen for what it is and cast-out, got rid-off, ended for ever.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


The point is the difference between Human society and a nation.  Human society exists, a nation is a construct - it does not materially exist.

Human society does and must endure. The state and its nation conversely are nothing but concepts.

The first requisite is to recognise that the concept of state is immoral, untenable. Why? Because it depends on an assumed right for its use of violent force (such as would not be a legitimate right for any individual).

The state is no more legitimate than slavery. The state depends upon a form of slavery - oppression of all humanity through its monopoly of force.

Without the state's monopoly of force it is clear the state would cease to exert control.

How will we harvest the cotton and the sugar-cane if we free the slaves? was undoubtedly asked. Who would have guessed the computerised mechanism that would soon be invented to do this work!

Just because we cannot guess exactly how the future will be should not preclude ending the immorality of forcing humanity to endure the unnecessary subjugation of the state.

The state is a self perpetuating entity (it would not last long if it was not). People accept the necessity for the existence of the state as if it were a fact of life the same as night and day - we are in fact brainwashed into being unquestioning of this paradigm.

Why do we have a state? Because it is a very effective means of controlling the human population for the ruling oligarchy and elites who, also via the mechanisms of the state, feed off the population.

The nation is a farm, a tax farm. The herd is a herd of humans. They are slaves: tax-slaves. The simple trick is not to let them know!

Like a forest needs no rulers to reach its optimum; the breadth of the ingeniousness of the sum of humanity is far more likely to whittle down to the best solutions than some psychopaths who have battled their way to the top of the political ladder.

I do not think I am a slave. I am not - I am a free man! I am a free man because I understand and do not accept the paradigm. That is all you need to be free. Yes I am oppressed. I have the wealth of my production stolen from me by the state and its zombie hordes who have never found independence of mind.

The state is the tool of the ultra wealthy, the elite and oligarchy. It is the state that is controlled and devised by them. It is the situations caused by the state which allows them to accumulate vast wealth whilst the masses scratch about and pay tax on every twist and turn - from birth to death.

Without the state there is no mechanism for oppression. Name the mechanism of oppression that is not the state.

I try not to put forward any of my ideas as to the specifics of how the world may run without the state.  People soon find they can workout such answers for themselves and once they start doing that they realise answers can be found for everything.  All we can and need to know is answers can be found and by a process of natural attrition the right answer too.

A Law of Statelessness

There is always law, natural law. We do not need a 'state' to make a law that allows 'gravity to pull stuff down'. A state can make that law if it wishes but stuff is pulled down regardless. Where there is logic and facts that can be rationally argued, found and agreed there is law. This then forms common law - legal history that sets precedence.

How can law be enacted without the state. Have you no imagination? The are infinite ways and the good useful ways will swiftly so be found too.

The Jaded 'Conspiracy Theories' Meme

Trotting-out the jaded 'conspiracy theories' meme is really just a bit of group-think 1984 Newspeak which has been indoctrinated into the minds of the mainstream media consuming masses via a campaign of propaganda to keep them from thinking it is OK to think for themselves and joining together to point and laugh at the people still capable of doing do.

Yet conversely politics is actually nothing but a writhing web of conspiracy, encompassing all human endeavour, from the beginnings of mankind to every humanly conceivable aspect of the future.  Politics does not really exist without a shared agenda and to plan to work together towards a shared political agenda is a conspiracy - maybe an open conspiracy but a conspiracy nonetheless.

The Generation of a Generation's Debt.

The problem is the bankers have their losses underwritten by taxpayers. There will always be imprudent lending decisions whilst bankers usurp the authority of the state in this way.  If bankers did not have this safety net would they have lent anything to Greece in the first place - of cause not.

And this is far from over. Once all the world's banking systems and nations are fully propped-up with debt, interest rates will start to rise to the point that then the only payments will be interest, never making inroads onto the capital sum. The state is used to milk the taxpayer to meet the banker's never-ending interest charges for debts they created in the first place by vast imprudent lending.

And yet where does the money these international bankers lend come from. How come they have reserves so colossal they can make loans the major nations of the world cannot put-together themselves?
It is that these international bankers control almost all the world's central banks (not Syria's or Iran's though surprise surprise) so they actually are the ones 'creating' the money. These 'privately' operated central banks use the ability that should belong to the nation states of people of the world and then lend that money they create for nothing at interest paid to themselves.

It is a sick system that is constantly draining the abundance of the world away from humanity and perpetuating poverty instead.

The only good thing is usually the bulk of this sort of debt is generated by war.

Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia - the PNAC World View

The 'Disputed Territories' of Orwell's 1984 and the Ottoman Empire have many similarities - but not so many as those that exist between the 1984 world map and the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) War Plan Map! No, no!

How to Detect a Political Conspiracy - Open Eyes!

To think there are no conspiracies in politics!

From my perspective politics is nothing but a writhing web of conspiracy, encompassing all human endeavour, from the beginnings of mankind to every humanly conceivable aspect of the future.

Politics does not exist without a shared agenda and a shared political agenda is a conspiracy - maybe an open conspiracy but a conspiracy nonetheless.

And trotting-out the jaded 'conspiracy theories' meme is really just a bit of group-think 1984 Newspeak which has been indoctrinated into the minds of the mainstream media consuming masses via a campaign of propaganda to keep them from thinking it is OK to think for themselves and joining together to point and laugh at the people still capable of doing so.

There is no Better Way to run a Country than a State; Perhaps!

As regards the notion that democracy, politics and the paradigm of the state is 'the only sustainable way of running a country' that may be right but it does not look so good from where I am standing.  It looks to me like everything nasty that happens to humanity has one state or another's fingerprints all over it.

And the democratic state of the USA is no virtuous paragon (where should I start!)

The 'state' may still be the best way to run a nation because a nation is nothing but a construct of the state.  Since I advocate that human society needs no such thing as a state to operate in a 'sustainable' (or better put: an enduringly satisfactory manner) I have no need to consider how best to run a 'country'.

'A country is a region legally identified as a distinct entity in political geography' Wikipedia

The Origin of the EU - by means of natural selection or, The Preservation of Races in the Struggle for Life

Robert Schuman drew up the Schuman Plan - an initiative to control the production steel and so prevent future arms production.  Published on the 9th of May 1950  this date is now regarded as the birth of the European Union.  Schuman, it is now clear, was funded, supported and encouraged by an OSS (early CIA) operation: The American Committee on United Europe (ACUE), founded in 1948.

At this stage the UK was considered too anti-federalist as it appears to partially remain.  But in terms of being a useful device for the 'The Anglo-American Establishment' to continue to influence and monitor the EU, no better device than the UK has been found.


Telegraph: Euro-federalists-financed-by-US-spy-chiefs


OSS, CIA and European Unity: The American Committee on United Europe
Richard J. Aldrich
 University of Nottingham,

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Subcontracting your thinking

If one just blithely accepts that on 9/11 the WTC Twin Towers disintegrated and collapsed into their own footprint, at a without-resistance free-fall speed of gravity just because of aircraft impacts and the resulting fires, and if you do not even understand what 'Building No7' means; you are lost.

If one does not understand the nature of the plethora of glaring questions concerning the events 9/11 and subsequently everything that has 'logically' followed on from this you really do not understand the enormous danger this 'state erosion of privacy' represents to humanity in these modern times.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The inner meaning of the Troikas Greek money shovel

Words play an interesting part in discerning the mechanisms of the state. So often the elite's selection of which betray unspoken truths, a desire for self-aggrandisement (ego), an element of deceptive spin along with the inner-culture's mocking and vaguely coded humour.

Obsequiously The Troika is a hearty Russian symbol, a winter sledge pulled by three lusty horses - hooray for our saviours! But this too, be cautioned, hints at the dark soviet heart lurking in the EU and the UN.

The Troika also references a Triumvirate, the Roman establishment's employment of Triumviri special commissions, of three men of equal power, assembled to deal with various thorny matters. That's the ego.

The spin is that Modern Greece has a history of Troikas or Triumvirate, occurring at pivotal points, and with not entirely negative connotations to the people of today.

And the jibe is the reference given in that the term sounds like Troy. Certainly these three gift bearing horses contain more than a nasty sting behind their tails.

Prism Planet

Anyone to which this flap over Prism is a surprise is, frankly, naive and ill-informed.  The only news to me was being introduced to this new name.

Five Eyes SIGINT or ECHELON has been known to exist for decades and was the feature of a European Parliament report back in 2001 where the threat of industrial espionage is understood as paramount. It is clear that every action on every phone and web based system, across the world, is possible to have been subject to intercept and likely subject of analysis.


The technical possibilities remain unknown but it is evident that these systems employ super-computers of gigantic capacity capable of robotic artificial-intelligence analysis of all interactions and associations, including geographic, to seek-out correlations of interest and so identify subjects for closer observation and deeper analysis.

It is also clear these automated systems have the same ability to examine actual communications content, including spoken, on a wide and random scale to further identify and analyse targets of interest.

Whilst it is comforting to think this is only done to protect society from extraordinary threats it is evident even from the synopsis of the EU report, sighted above, that this system is prospectively used for a far wider mode of operation than that: ranging from industrial espionage to the political subjugation of other sovereign states.

But rather than the EU acting to curtail these activities the closing remarks of their 2001 report demonstrates no less than a jealousy and a desire to form the same system or to even integrate and share.

See P192 - 12. The EU's external relations and intelligence gathering

So I would ask the question (but do not anticipate an answer):  How deeply involved is the EU with Prism and indeed does it benefit from the intelligence derived, especially in relation to the EU member state's sovereign governments?

Whilst for the US to risk allowing the intelligence services of each and every EU member state to draw from the intelligence and analysis they derive from their vast network is improbable it is more likely a focused EU intelligence service would be considered a less risky partner to develop.

Once all the tools desirable to a draconian and authoritarian state have been put into place all that remains is for that state to arise, to become evident, when resistance will have be made all-but imposable.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

The State is Mother to Little Ducklings

It would be nice to think the warm and cuddly state looks after folk just 'cause they want to take care of them all. Yes: people are seduced into replacing their 'want to be nurtured as if children' into adulthood - they remain as childish adults. The state cultivates this as a normality.

This is a ploy - a deception. This is an outcome of the state's mechanisms: from state controlled schooling, the growing excessive state interference with all important aspects of human existence; from healthcare to banal media culture to devaluation of family and tribe to stupefying politically correct thinking and such. It cultivates immature adulthood. It brings about a submissive and unquestioning populous.

But in fact it is not so good for the people as we are trained to think. It is brought about because people would not be seduced by a state that appeared to return nothing - that clearly just took tithes via the threat of force.

The state is a self perpetuating entity. No state works to reduce itself to the smallest role possible. And worse the state is not as it appears: not for the people and of the people. It is a mechanism of control and for the gathering of taxes, opportunity and advantages - wealth that far exceeds that which it returns.

The wealth is directed to the controlling oligarchy who choreograph the theatre of governments. The main route for money from this tithe gathering system is via the interest paid to the privately controlled central banking system alongside of a labyrinth of global corporates.

The humans are tax-salves, given just enough choice and independence to not clearly perceive their situation. They are the human-tax-slave-herd. Countries are tax-farms in which the human-herd produces.

Unemployment benefits costs jobs - who will work for less than they can receive for nothing. Meanwhile other have their profits taken to subsidise the non-productive.

Supplementary benefits just subside employers at the expense of the tax payer.

Minimum wages reduce employment opportunities.

The fact is that without these interferences from the state there will be greater employment, lower taxes, more production and greater wealth produced for all to befit from. Especially without the bloodsuckers who sup upon it all.

The global elite's government fronts need this mishmash to subdue humanity into a convoluted stupor of ill-educated poverty and run-ragged servitude.

So keep begging to suckling those measly drips of stolen milk at the bosom of the state or get a grip and produce your own abundance. There is plenty to go around.