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Monday, 15 October 2012

The allure of being a citizen of the world - when you are twelve

I agree that 'nations' are no more than the old paradigm that the population was cajoled into supporting before - rally behind the flag bla bla bla.  And people, when getting all nationalistic, are doing nothing but continuing to feed from that trough of swill because the message was so enduring and in tune with the basic human instinct for family, tribe and race.

So what would you have it replaced by?  Unions of old nations working together in pan-continental cooperatives, the common causes shared, war at an end, the strong and the weak hand in hand, all skipping into the sunset perhaps?

And each continental union a part of a greater wholeness, a global union of unions.  A scientifically measured central planning governance, economy and ecology developed sustainably.  I get it.  I came to the same conclusion when I was about twelve years old.

I came to the same conclusion and remained there enduringly before eventually I broke free from the core illusion, the most dangerous and muddled concept burdening humanity, that the 'state' is utterly essential for the continuation and betterment of humanity.

I now know it is not. It has taken me years to come to that understating, it was a slow realisation, and years more to realise the truth of the conclusion - to overcome my multi-layered learnt denial.  I can see clearly now: the state is only to enslave humanity and nations are nothing more than giant tax-farms where the livestock is the human tax-slave herd.

Unions of old nations will be just bigger tax-farms and a global union will be just one big farm.

So who are the farmers.  Work it out for yourself because that I cannot explain.  The didactic route is the only path to enduring clarity I know of.  When I tell people they get it and then they forget it; in one ear and out' the other.  Fascinating to behold.

And if you think a one world union will be the end of war you are no brighter than I was - at the age of twelve.  Because, this I will explain, the war will be the state against all humanity.  And that war has been under-way for a long time already.  Dummy.

I would replace the state with nothing but the right to property and your only property is your life and that which you work upon.