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Monday, 30 April 2012

My view on YouView

"YouView will be everything you've ever wanted from TV in one easy-to-use box: Freeview, catch-up TV, High Definition and a personal video recorder (to pause, rewind and record live TV). It means the programmes you love will be ready to watch whenever you want. Simple."


Lord Sugar blow over YouView delay

It was supposed to revolutionise the way we watch television, blazing onto our screens in 2010 and doing for every broadcaster what the iPlayer has done for the BBC.

I am confused. How technically difficult is the YouView objective to achieve? Not so very me thinks.

I think there is a sub-plot behind the endless delays that is more about not being accused of launching a platform that is so easy, agreeable to the public and focal of free content that it all but corners and stifles the market. Pay to view and cable content providers can see the monster on the horizon. A platform that works, that is stuffed with free content and potentially provides an open pathway to each and every independent provider will kill 9/10th of their lucrative captive market.

YouView is the BBC: disguised in the outfits of its slowly dying terrestrial broadcast mates. Sky begrudgingly appeared at the table late on and apparently declined to join-up, but until the News International Murdoch 'phone hacking' debacle reaches its termination and the wooden stake is finally hammered home, they will not risk a launch; for fear it will all end-up in court where the international media power players may well then rule the day.

Between times they will stall even at the apparent cost of market share: if only because by allowing the market to commence and develop they cannot stand accused of monopolising and stifling it from the outset.

Perhaps the show will get smartly onto the road when it is clear the last nail has been hammered home to the door of the Maxwell Black Murdoch family mausoleum.

Mirrors and Smoke: DSK reflections and a gentle roasting

The mirror is the story that DSK raped a chamber maid; a mirror because his sexual habits are clearly his known, predisposed, weakness. (No doubt all those in such positions of power have dark secrets, known before their appointments, which then can be used to control and ruin them should they start to trample upon the labyrinth).

The smoke is, once the likelihood of a set-up looked probable, a diversion must be presented for why. Certainly Sarkozy would be happy to kiss DSK adieu and even help to put him down for reasons of his own political motivation. But it goes deeper than that. After all the French knows well that Sarkozy is more pro-Americal than the Statue of Liberty.

DSK did not ‘forget’ his phone. He left his phone because he was told intelligence services were planning to arrest him and were tracking him via this phone. He subsequently called the hotel from the aircraft to ask for the phone to be sent-on and was so then found and arrested.

DSK’s sins may be many but that for which he is paying the price is more likely to do with the threat to the hegemony of US dollar he posed than spoiling Sarkozy’s election prospects.

DSK was a strong advocate of launching an IMF issued Special Drawing Rights (SDR) based currency to replace the US Dollar as the primary global means of exchange. And DSK was highly critical of US economic policy and deeply questions of the resilience behind the Dollar; especially demanding an audit of the Federal Reserve and questioning if indeed any gold actually remains in Fort Knox.

The globalist’s agenda may well include the formation of a single world currency but that does not mean that those who are enjoying the control of the US Dollar are ready for that yet or were sufficiently in control of a new global SDR based currency to be prepared to yield to that just yet.

Conjecture?  Yes.  But then so is the alleged assault and so is the notion this was politicly motivate by French national political adversaries.  So take the pieces and decide for yourself which way do they look to fit together best?