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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Julian Assange and WonkiLeaks Inc.

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, claimed today he was in possession of “insurance” files on Rupert Murdoch and his global media company, News Corporation

One should stand back and take an exceptionally clear-headed look at Julian Assange and WonkiLeaks Inc. The take one derives should not be a simple choice between 'good or bad' - between important truths revealed or damage to national interests. The third possibility (probability) is that this is a (very light Grey) psychological operation (PSYOP) on behalf of 'the powers that be'.

The material revealed has done little to dent the US Administration/Military/CIA (or their one true highly influencing comrade). Nothing of significance has been publicly revealed that has not already been clearly understood by anyone with a hint of an enquiring mind. Much of the US (NeoCon style) 'world view' has, yet again, been unequivocally delineated in a very public arena by this campaign. The playground bully dominance of the US is instead asserted.

Other national party's interests have been damaged or slapped-down. Other party's are no-doubt in fear of what about them could yet be revealed. Does that really include Rupert Murdoch and his 'News Corporation'. Give me a break!

Black and Maxwell may have strayed from the path and paid a heavy price. Rupert Murdoch is in another dimension to those fellows - they were backstreet traders by comparison.

If Julian Assange had one ounce of bona-fide independent-media, truth revealing, legitimacy and could really dig the dirt on Rupert Murdoch he should not hesitate to publish immediately; he would not hesitate to publish immediately.

Instead this threat can be nothing more than a sham from a patsy. A feeble assertion to attempt to separate WackiLumps from the corporate/politically controlled and manipulated mainstream-media of which it (on the balance of probability) is nothing but an intrinsic part - only conducting a specialist function but disseminating propaganda nonetheless.

The further damage to the already deeply limited ability of our mainstream media to publish real but uncomfortable truths is asserted. And the warning to independent news providers can not be ignored either. This is the prime objective I am reluctantly sure.

Instead Assange continues to fake his independence and pretends he can hold to ransom the most enduringly powerful (known) man in the world. Ha ha ha!