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Sunday, 9 March 2014

What's it all about?

Everything we understand is seen to operate in a predictable rational manner: is natural.

Everything we do not understand will also be found to be natural.

Everything must have either a point of origin or be infinite.

Everything that is not infinite must originate through a natural process, a natural system.

This natural system, from which everything originates, must be infinite. 

'Everything' includes the present universe and whatever caused it.

Logically: all things flow from an infinite natural source (even one outside of the bounds of time and science as we vaguely understand them to be).  This source must be consistent in producing a variety of causes and those causes produce consistent effects.

Nothing can be 'supernatural' for, if it exists, it must be natural albeit just outside of our ability to understand or conceptualise (including: a concious, omnipotent, all seeing, perpetual, mechanism of creation that has a rational far beyond our comprehension and of which there is no evidence except, supposedly, the natural systems of the physical universe and life that are as yet unknown).