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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The inner meaning of the Troikas Greek money shovel

Words play an interesting part in discerning the mechanisms of the state. So often the elite's selection of which betray unspoken truths, a desire for self-aggrandisement (ego), an element of deceptive spin along with the inner-culture's mocking and vaguely coded humour.

Obsequiously The Troika is a hearty Russian symbol, a winter sledge pulled by three lusty horses - hooray for our saviours! But this too, be cautioned, hints at the dark soviet heart lurking in the EU and the UN.

The Troika also references a Triumvirate, the Roman establishment's employment of Triumviri special commissions, of three men of equal power, assembled to deal with various thorny matters. That's the ego.

The spin is that Modern Greece has a history of Troikas or Triumvirate, occurring at pivotal points, and with not entirely negative connotations to the people of today.

And the jibe is the reference given in that the term sounds like Troy. Certainly these three gift bearing horses contain more than a nasty sting behind their tails.

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