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Saturday, 27 April 2013

The State is Mother to Little Ducklings

It would be nice to think the warm and cuddly state looks after folk just 'cause they want to take care of them all. Yes: people are seduced into replacing their 'want to be nurtured as if children' into adulthood - they remain as childish adults. The state cultivates this as a normality.

This is a ploy - a deception. This is an outcome of the state's mechanisms: from state controlled schooling, the growing excessive state interference with all important aspects of human existence; from healthcare to banal media culture to devaluation of family and tribe to stupefying politically correct thinking and such. It cultivates immature adulthood. It brings about a submissive and unquestioning populous.

But in fact it is not so good for the people as we are trained to think. It is brought about because people would not be seduced by a state that appeared to return nothing - that clearly just took tithes via the threat of force.

The state is a self perpetuating entity. No state works to reduce itself to the smallest role possible. And worse the state is not as it appears: not for the people and of the people. It is a mechanism of control and for the gathering of taxes, opportunity and advantages - wealth that far exceeds that which it returns.

The wealth is directed to the controlling oligarchy who choreograph the theatre of governments. The main route for money from this tithe gathering system is via the interest paid to the privately controlled central banking system alongside of a labyrinth of global corporates.

The humans are tax-salves, given just enough choice and independence to not clearly perceive their situation. They are the human-tax-slave-herd. Countries are tax-farms in which the human-herd produces.

Unemployment benefits costs jobs - who will work for less than they can receive for nothing. Meanwhile other have their profits taken to subsidise the non-productive.

Supplementary benefits just subside employers at the expense of the tax payer.

Minimum wages reduce employment opportunities.

The fact is that without these interferences from the state there will be greater employment, lower taxes, more production and greater wealth produced for all to befit from. Especially without the bloodsuckers who sup upon it all.

The global elite's government fronts need this mishmash to subdue humanity into a convoluted stupor of ill-educated poverty and run-ragged servitude.

So keep begging to suckling those measly drips of stolen milk at the bosom of the state or get a grip and produce your own abundance. There is plenty to go around.

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