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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Generation of a Generation's Debt.

The problem is the bankers have their losses underwritten by taxpayers. There will always be imprudent lending decisions whilst bankers usurp the authority of the state in this way.  If bankers did not have this safety net would they have lent anything to Greece in the first place - of cause not.

And this is far from over. Once all the world's banking systems and nations are fully propped-up with debt, interest rates will start to rise to the point that then the only payments will be interest, never making inroads onto the capital sum. The state is used to milk the taxpayer to meet the banker's never-ending interest charges for debts they created in the first place by vast imprudent lending.

And yet where does the money these international bankers lend come from. How come they have reserves so colossal they can make loans the major nations of the world cannot put-together themselves?
It is that these international bankers control almost all the world's central banks (not Syria's or Iran's though surprise surprise) so they actually are the ones 'creating' the money. These 'privately' operated central banks use the ability that should belong to the nation states of people of the world and then lend that money they create for nothing at interest paid to themselves.

It is a sick system that is constantly draining the abundance of the world away from humanity and perpetuating poverty instead.

The only good thing is usually the bulk of this sort of debt is generated by war.

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