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Wednesday, 2 October 2013


SOVEREIGNTY is all about ownership.  A human has sovereignty over their own body, mind and life. Self.   A human also has sovereignty over the the fruit of their own labour.  That is natural law.

People believe this 'sovereignty of self' can be submitted to various other entities and they certainly are entitled to act as though they can.

More dangerously people believe they can arbitrarily insist other people submit their sovereignty to these entities.  This is the fundamental flaw in the false belief in the state.

The state is a system of belief where people must submit their self-sovereignty to the state and the state becomes the sovereign entity on behalf of the totality of the people.

The state then supposedly makes decisions on behalf of all the people, for the good of the whole.

It is presented rather like a parent child relationship.  Clearly you cannot allow a two year old complete self-sovereignty when there is an open fireplace in the room.  But you cannot decide eat the child either.  It is a limited submission of sovereignty.  There is an element of trust and reasonableness.

For one's nation (into which one's sovereignty has been caused to be usurped) to be dissolve and that sovereignty then to be assumed by a completely different administrative primacy is a very fundamental change. 

I say such a change is outside of the remit of the nation.  I say we humans are not a herd of beasts whose ownership can be swapped.

I say the rise of EU sovereign supremacy over the nation state is being brought about by Fabian DECEPTION.  I do not like attempts to fool me being perpetrated and will 'not do business' with such people - especially allow them to steal my sovereignty.  Not a f***ing chance.

And I refuse.  I don't need some 'democratic vote' and have to go along with it whatever the majority outcome happens to be.

My sovereignty is for me to do with as I wish.  I refuse because I can see clearly through the whole false and ridiculous paradigm, I do not believe in the concept of the state and I am therefore no longer a part of it (to the extent that is possible without going to live in the woods).

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