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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

EU Brainwashing; Explained.

The fact is that everybody has been conditioned since the dawn of interaction with other members of the species - including within prehistoric family groups; the dominant wolf in the pack subjugates the others primarily by physiological means and so it is with man.

From simple human tribal leadership, religious indoctrination, the mythology of monarchy to our modern consumer and state lead society; the techniques of indoctrination are now not only all consuming but understood, completely and absolutely deliberate in almost every avenue of life. Even the Greeks wrote of this.

The techniques of brainwashing were understood well by William Sargent who published 'Battle for the Mind' before being hushed-up. His papers are still sealed under wraps at the Welcome Foundation. He contributed to the CIA programs and the Tavistock Institute in the UK. (I recommend the book as vital to understanding this aspect of the human condition). 

Individually our minds can be utterly broken and reprogrammed - brainwashed in the clearest sense - to believe and act in any way required. The strongest minds are actually the most vulnerable as when they break, which all eventually will do so, they are utterly and entirely shattered - destroyed. Less resistant folk are easier to break but the resulting indoctrination is then weaker.

The 'Brainwashing' I allude to in EUbrainwashing is the subliminal one formed from a lifetime of exposure to every-day indoctrination and propaganda. From each-other, from school, from all media and so on. Less dramatic and violent but powerful and all encompassing nonetheless. It is also the one contributed to through mass shocks in the form of outrages such as the 'Dunblane massacre', 7/7, 911, war and the like. Human life is devalued with abortion policy, state advocacy of voluntary euthanasia, avocation for state imposed death sentencing, illicit acts of war remain unchallenged (such as Blair/Iraq) and on and on. All this teaches us lessons - forming how to think. 

The core outcome of this programming of mass indoctrination (brainwashing) is the broad acceptance of such aspects of 'normal' life as: the necessity for a government/state, state controlled schooling, state controlled health services, monarchy, democratic elections, payment of tax, religion, nationalism, war, state authorised use of violent force and so on. Acceptance of the paradigm that we need the state and that human society could not usefully function without it is endemic.

The endless absorption of our independence into EU-mire underlines the feeling of hopelessness and detachment; so that despite all opposition the march, nightmare like, only continues disregarding everything. We must learn from this, subconsciously, we are in truth a powerless herd of human tax slaves and the state a tax farm to which we belong will do with us precisely as it wishes - just with toys, flat-screens and MP3s, to make us feel rewarded. 

The power that was incarnate in the English aristocracy, the East India company, the British Empire and latterly manifests, now more clearly, as a global corporate/banking elite/complex is not dependent on being British any more. And it wants to snuff-out the old authority that was built-up and incumbent within these shores - the power is now a global force and the authority that was a part of that has moved with the money. But the British people remain a threat of being a respected measured properly righteous authority - that is being undone.

That power is in considerable control of the means to steer our society, via all almost all forms of mainstream media, all corporate and all political life along with the means to steer a great deal of global politics, society and economy too.

The EU issue is only but one manifestation of the predicament.