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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Training for consent

State controlled schooling (including most private schools) is designed to stamp-out critical thinking in the population and instil an instinct for accepting authority along with its edicts.

Far from failing, the schooling system is a runaway success.

Most of the kids who are tarred as 'failures' of this programming are in fact the ones who, knowingly or otherwise, have refused to submit to its indoctrination.

The academic 'successes' of the state controlled school system are the most incapable of breaking free from the paradigm the system creates. 

All are successes of the system as intended: the feckless are prevented from achieving their individualistic potential and the apparently brighter student is rendered incapable of free thought.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Yap yap yap. It is so transparent!

When one lot are in opposition they mouth vague truths and when they are in power they just plough-on cementing as much of the long planned 'global banking soviet governance' agenda into place as they possibly can.

Who gives a stuff for this so called 'democracy' anyway?  The democracy we have is a sham.  The two party paradigm, left/right,  is an illusion to sap-up the energy of the people with a meaningless distraction; two sides of the same fractional reserve central banking fiat currency issued coin.

If any of our political 'representatives' really got down to speak the nut-and-bolts of the truth (if they know it at all) they would at least be washed-up in a week or more likely wind-up 'dead in the woods'.

There is only one answer and that is an end to the state.  No state at all - zilch!   Because, whatever and regardless, the power and authority of the state will always be usurped from the true mandate of the people which at best becomes a self-serving enterprise but then, ultimately and inevitably, decays into the covertly operated tool of those who would, as in time immemorial, seek to dominate and profit prodigiously from the bounty of the world and humanity.