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Tuesday, 10 September 2013


The point is the difference between Human society and a nation.  Human society exists, a nation is a construct - it does not materially exist.

Human society does and must endure. The state and its nation conversely are nothing but concepts.

The first requisite is to recognise that the concept of state is immoral, untenable. Why? Because it depends on an assumed right for its use of violent force (such as would not be a legitimate right for any individual).

The state is no more legitimate than slavery. The state depends upon a form of slavery - oppression of all humanity through its monopoly of force.

Without the state's monopoly of force it is clear the state would cease to exert control.

How will we harvest the cotton and the sugar-cane if we free the slaves? was undoubtedly asked. Who would have guessed the computerised mechanism that would soon be invented to do this work!

Just because we cannot guess exactly how the future will be should not preclude ending the immorality of forcing humanity to endure the unnecessary subjugation of the state.

The state is a self perpetuating entity (it would not last long if it was not). People accept the necessity for the existence of the state as if it were a fact of life the same as night and day - we are in fact brainwashed into being unquestioning of this paradigm.

Why do we have a state? Because it is a very effective means of controlling the human population for the ruling oligarchy and elites who, also via the mechanisms of the state, feed off the population.

The nation is a farm, a tax farm. The herd is a herd of humans. They are slaves: tax-slaves. The simple trick is not to let them know!

Like a forest needs no rulers to reach its optimum; the breadth of the ingeniousness of the sum of humanity is far more likely to whittle down to the best solutions than some psychopaths who have battled their way to the top of the political ladder.

I do not think I am a slave. I am not - I am a free man! I am a free man because I understand and do not accept the paradigm. That is all you need to be free. Yes I am oppressed. I have the wealth of my production stolen from me by the state and its zombie hordes who have never found independence of mind.

The state is the tool of the ultra wealthy, the elite and oligarchy. It is the state that is controlled and devised by them. It is the situations caused by the state which allows them to accumulate vast wealth whilst the masses scratch about and pay tax on every twist and turn - from birth to death.

Without the state there is no mechanism for oppression. Name the mechanism of oppression that is not the state.

I try not to put forward any of my ideas as to the specifics of how the world may run without the state.  People soon find they can workout such answers for themselves and once they start doing that they realise answers can be found for everything.  All we can and need to know is answers can be found and by a process of natural attrition the right answer too.

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