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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Everything is Fine

All Campbell and Blair are concerned with is protecting their reputations and the impression of legitimacy to their past actions.  Perhaps they are even lost in a paradigm that what they did was right and justified. Perhaps they had deeper reasoning which is hidden from comprehension.  They are only puppets.

It is unthinkable that they will be found to have illegally manufactured justification for Britain's involvement in attacking Iraq because the wider implications would have such deep consequences - far greater than just Blair sitting in The Hague charged with war crimes.

These broader implications only start at the whole legitimacy of the attack on Iraq, not just the UK's participation, the attack on Afghanistan and the current attacks on Libya today.  The treatment of suspected terrorists, rendition, torture, imprisonment outside of the Geneva Convention but yet without trial.  And then the liability for compensation - reparations.

The deeper question then would be how could all this be let to happen.  How can the political process be so degraded that there is no mechanism to have acted to balanced and checked such abuse of power.  Why has this happened.  What else has and is happening that our deeper understand now allows us to see and comprehend.

People are not that stupid.  They consciously accept the propagandist stories perhaps but deeply many understand the lie - subconsciously the dirty truth is known.  However, also subconsciously, people think this aggression is for the benefit of the nations that are the perpetrators of these crimes.  If, for example, it is actually 'all for oil' then at least that oil becomes 'our' oil.  In that sub-concious conception they are very wrong.

None of these actions are for the benefit of any people or nation.  The real beneficiaries are by absolutely no-means benign or benevolent.  They are the rectum of humanity and this is why this process must be resisted; especially and specifically by the populous of the perpetrator nations.  Our countries have been hijacked and it is time to withdraw our approval.

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