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Friday, 3 June 2011

The Twisted Labyrinth of the State

The oldest of ideas, which we persevere unquestioningly, is the concept of government; of having and needing a state.

Just how deep will we need to sink before it is evident to all that the state is good for nothing but being a self perpetuating false paradigm?

I think it will take a total collapse of social order when, after the state - at last - withers and dies, then people will see, without its encumbrance, that humans can organise and thrive in a truly liberal society.

All the answers to human existence lay in the natural world.  All we have to do is look there, ask the right questions and be open to the simple answers that have existed for time immortal.

We have woven such a twisted labyrinth; of rules, of laws and of decrees.  Whilst we are engulfed and throttled by the state's convoluted ineptness, the only solution we can yet still envision is to continue to make even more twists and turns in the futile hope it will somehow, after aeons of trying so, unwind.

The problem for those in a position to encourage the continuation of the state is that if 'the people' were allowed to enjoy the abundance the world does indeed posses, the people would then have time to 'stand and stare'.  And as soon as they do that they will see the blood-suckers for what they are and do away with them as soon as they can.

These 'blood-suckers' are not those who reap hand-outs, they are just there to feed from and make the sham of a democratic process look legitimate.  They are not the 'so called' civil servants, they are just rewarded enough to make them have the will to wish for the edifice's continuance.

The blood suckers are the hidden ruling oligarchy to whom the existence of the state is the entire mechanism by which they exercise control and by which they extort every drop they possible can till they own and control absolutely everything including us - the human herd - the livestock of this farm we gullibly think of as our world in perpetuity.

The edifice of state is a worn-out and failed construct.  Mankind will not thrive until it is free of the choking gags and chains the state allows to be imposed.

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