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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Divide et Impera - The Balkanisation of the British Isles

An independent Scotland will be no more than a region of the EU Soviet and its voice will be minuscule once the seduction period is complete - worthless.

The EU despises the UK  - what use does the EU have for an block association of regions within its members?  It represents nothing but a layer of strength which can challenge its desire for total sovereign supremacy. 

The military will be the EU.  The diplomatic service will be the EU.  The control of the economy and money will be the EU.  And every dictate for health care, education, civic amenity and all such will have to be enacted as prescribed.

If there was any real political desire to avoid the disintegration of the UK into a series of vassal regions it would be evident, but evident it is not.

Scotland's apparent desire for independence of the UK and England's nonchalance towards such a divide will be allowed to ferment and in response a progressive severance of the Union will be allowed to transpire.

Northern Ireland too will grow in independence to the UK, a slow withering-away where, matching that of Scotland, meaningless powers will be devolved to local/regional government and the meaningful ones fully granted to the EU - few truly remain.

Westminster as the seat of the UK will become a vacuum, allowed to die on the vine till all have forgot what it was supposed to be for or will notice not when eventually it is pruned away.

Ireland is set to be divided into two EU regions, the one to the south has Dublin, the one to the north, which as presently defined has no major city, has an empty chunk, like a piece missing from a jigsaw, that is currently known as Northern Ireland with Belfast providing an economic powerhouse.

The Northern EU region of Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland will be united.  That was the snake-oil proffered by Blair pored to calm 'The Troubles'.  There would be nothing left to fight for.  There would be no option to stay in the 'UK' or be reunited with Eire as both will be no more.

Wales too will be granted its regional anonymity, an independent region of the EU.

So that leaves England.  Set to be divided into nine regions, they too will be expected to take-up their new powers of civic administration and not miss those which were the prerogative of the national parliament.

The regions to the north and south-west may likely enjoy lavish EU support to help wean them away from their historic relationship with Westminster.  London and perhaps its immediate connecting southern regions will see its future better served by keeping itself to itself and not needing to be concerned with draining its wealth away to the less economically viable regions to which its profit had always been considered to support.  So it will be.

Should this be resisted?  Can this be resisted?  Improbably since most will not recognise the succession till future generations study their history and ask; how on earth did that happen without it being the result of a war?

Well it is a war.  It is a war on the minds, a war of perception, a war of duplicity and acquiescence.  And the only way we can defend our interests is to study the facts, how it works and start to comprehend for ourselves the conclusion to which we are being inextricably drawn.

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