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Friday, 20 May 2011

IMF top job mind games

How about Saif al-Islam Gaddaf (son of the bad one) for the IMF job?

He is good with money; Libya has 141 tons of gold, worth USD 7 billion, sitting in (or near) their independent central bank.  The Libyan Investment Authority, his baby, is said to be worth £50-60bn.  He has a PhD from the LSE (honorary I think $£$£) .  At one point or another he has been 'in bed' with Nicolas Sarkozy, Condoleezza Rice and knows his way around the royal family, Blair (remember him?), Mandy and the Rothschild family - he was pals with Nathaniel.

His first big sin is not towing the USD line by hinting Libya would like to sell oil for gold and dump the USD. 

His lady friend has often been reported to be ultra-'glamorous' Israeli actor Orly Weinerman - and 'Mustard' agent no doubt. 

So he is no fool but I guess he will not be offered the job because;
1. of who his daddy is and
2. because he is not a lackey to the agenda of debt-based central banks, global governance and the drive towards a 'new world order'.

Joking apart.  I think any suggestion that Machiavellian-Mandy or Bilous-Brown could be seriously considered for the role of IMF big cheese is in the same vein as was the disgusting concept Baloney-Blair may have become Supremo No1 of the European Soviet Union.

The idea is to think of the most vile individual who could be parachuted into this throne of anti-democracy - make everyone fume with rage - and then pop some unknown toady into the role after which we will all go back to sleep without a care in the world.

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