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Monday, 9 May 2011

In the beginning was the scream. And then what?

Our dependence on government and being governed is analogous to alcoholism. We think we need it, indeed we do; we are addicted to it. We are utterly lost in the paradigm. We can imagine almost anything but not a society that can effectively function without being, or having, a state.

I fear there will be only one way for all to agree to end it and that is the same as is the cure to alcoholism; coming completely and irrevocably to the point of one's own total and utter destitution, to reach, touch and live at rock-bottom. In almost every case only this or death will do.

So also the state will end because it cannot survive. It can only get worse.

The idea of one group of people using the force of law to demand their sustainment from another will become as derisible a concept in the future as today it is accepted, for people to live in modern comfort and for society to flourish, we must have a state in control. 


It is not that the firemen, teachers, nurses and so on are unwanted. They are the panem et circenses that makes us think the state is for us and want it to continue. The state not only maintains these civil servants and a visible ruling elite; it allows for the survival of a corporate and financial oligarchy to prosper copiously but invisibly; usurping the power of government to their own ends entirety.

The state can only ever-grow in complexity as it continuously devises an ever-growing plethora of dictates, taxes, rules and laws to mend and amend its unyielding propensity to only move towards collapse, to collapse and then suffocation under its own weight.

Nature works-out the most complicated environments in the most effective and simple way. There is no overarching plan or decision making authority (sorry Bible bashers - here is the news). Instead each and every little cell does its thing, some work in unison with others but all are driven to do that which they are programmed to do; and, you know, it works!

All of our problem's solutions are to be found in the natural world if we but ask the right questions and open our minds to the answers. That is not really so surprising since we are, completely and most fundamentally, a part of the natural world.

I accept that our inclination to believe that it is necessary for an ordered society to include a state is natural, even innate, but then natural so too can be our realisation that the state is unnecessary and unproductive. Indeed I believe in time that will be the natural conclusion to which we will all arrive.

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