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Thursday, 12 July 2012

We are all suckers for a good story

Wherever government sticks its meddling nose a rank stink is assured. Rules upon subsidies, one cure attempted is another problem made. This a patchwork of fudges so vast and ghastly yet the mad onwards charge is the clarion call of all and sundry. More and more. Fix this with that, they should stop this, they should encourage that. It is as endless as it is impossible.

Why not just stop?  Stop, look and see; the problem is not the market, it is the endless interference with the market. If, by way of example, the state played absolutely no part in the production of food, the management of land, the welfare of agriculture, farming would quickly adapt and mend till the most productive optimum emerged.

Best of all if we did not have a state at all. Its rubbish, its a false paradigm; but people are so indoctrinated into the belief that a state is necessary, a fundamental of the human condition, utterly essential, that they cannot start to conceive what such political and societal ‘atheism’ could look like or how it would function at all.

Two of the oldest ideas of mankind that we should grow out of and dump: belief in god and belief in the state. They both are no more than the devices of the few to enslave the many.

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