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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Holding us as prisoners to taxation

Rt Hon Peter Bone MP

Dear Mr Bone,

Re: Sudden and imminent closure of Wellingborough Prison

As a local to the area I have seen, over the last twenty years, what appears to have been an enormous amount of expansion and development work at Wellingborough Prison with the buildings appear to double in size.

Sir David Ramsbotham HM Chief Inspector of Prisons report dated September 2000 states the facilities included a recently built kitchen (catering for over 500 prisoners plus staff) and in June 1999, two substantial new living units had been built.

The facility, from afar, appears modern and in impressive repair. There must be a very considerable investment of tax-payer's money represented by this facility.

I do not specifically object to private prisons.  I object to the government monopolising the judicial and prison market, demanding I pay taxation by the threat of violent force, squandering the money on such services as the development of prisons only to abandon them even when they appear to be functioning reasonably and then subcontracting the provision of that service, still funded with money obtained via forced taxation, to profit making organisations.

If the government is in agreement with my belief that market-forces should be a better mechanism to provide all services with efficiency, could we not simply cut-out the middle-man and do away with the involvement of the state in all matters that require involuntary taxation.  That will then allow market-forces to function without the distorting effect and ultimate failure the involvement of the state always causes.

Yours sincerely


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