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Friday, 6 July 2012

Nigel Farage and Ron Paul are but symptoms of the failed statist political process

Don't you just love Nigel Farage.  He stands up there and just rips it all to bits.  Its all so true and all so darn well needs to be said.  And our Nigel does it with such aplomb, such wit, so much feisty sardonic rhetoric.

UKIP is so Faragetastic that it is easy to forget this is still a one trick phoney, like all the other political parties but with just one big funny trick instead of a plethora of insipid little ones.

UKIP does not answer the question of how things should be, it just shouts about how one specific element clearly should not be.  That may just help save this one battle but it will not win the war.  It does not breakdown how the hell we have a political system that is so disgustingly out of the people's control that we can have our our nation dissolved and keep bombing the hell out of others with impunity.

UKIP does not question the whole series of events that  commenced on 9/11.  It does not question why banks have the means of production of money that should just profit the people's state apparatus.It does not question the flow towards the global unification of the old nation states, new order and old order, or question the motivations that lay behind this unrelenting force of which the EU is no more than a part.

And when I did take the trouble to thoroughly read a UKIP manifesto (instead of just enjoying videos of Farage's political stand-up rants) I realised that UKIP is mad enough to call for the death penalty to be reinstated and that put the mockers on the job for me right there and then.  Big error; but worse: this shows UKIP's true colours.

I have lost all confidence in the concept of a state controlled political system.  It is a farce.  It is an illusion.  It is a pat to the deluded.

We will either all end-up in a global super-state, perhaps in a generation or two, or the whole sham will collapse before it can be built, as if a film-set, all about us.

If it collapses perhaps people will (hopefully) have long enough memories to realise that belief in the institution of an idea called 'the state' is as muddle-headed as belief in any one of the many omnipotent supernatural beings is now broadly understood to be.

If the global super state is assembled I fear it will remain for a very long time; tyrannical control of the human herd being fundamental to its precept.

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