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Friday, 13 July 2012

The EU's Human Rights strategy - excludes its own democratic process

Catherine Ashton is the EU's High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy & Vice-President of the European Commission (HR/VP)

How about Catherine Ashton giving some consideration to the 'democratic process' in her hand-wringing human rights work and bring the 'humans' in the EU the 'right' to vote for our political representatives. 

Catherine Ashton has never stood for, let alone won, an election of any sort, ever.  She is a totally unelected implant in a position that assumes considerable power.

I do not want this person representing my interests and I do not want to be forced to pay tax to pay her wages or run the vastly expensive 'service' her office creates.

Fat chance!  This is the new Soviet but for that we can squeak all we like.  Regardless, nothing will change.

This junta should not kid themselves they are anything grander than: Dictators who just don't need to bulldoze bodies into a trench in the woods at night - not yet anyway!

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