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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Green Happy-Clappers

The green happy clappers do not think 'critically'.  This is very like a religion.  They take the doctrine eat it up and swallow it all.  It makes them feel a little righteous, sanctimonious even, whilst also wicked, guilty and sinful all at the same time (sexual repression I'll bet). 
They beg for crushing CO2 taxation and spitefully want it brought about to punish all - make all kneel, pay homage and sacrifice at the alter of St.AlGore.

It is earth worship in the most negative way - they think people are the problem and believe population reduction the solution.  It is fundamentalist anti-humanity-ism.  It is a death cult.

They are so often the same bunch who once would have said a great big NO to nuclear power but now shrug and say well it is better than 'global warming'.  At least Fukushima Daiichi has stuffed the truth of that notion in their face - if they care to pay attention to the under-the-carpet facts.

Yet the money and opportunity is stolen away from the oil-bearing nations. They are ruined instead, by favoured despots or war, precluded from being free to capitalise on their period of wealth; for fear they could become today and tomorrow's masters.

Instead; the opportunity is handed to India and China, amongst others too, to be lifted to economic parity - a parity that includes draining the wealth out of the western nations - us lot. All with help from the sleight of hand of the carbon credits sham.

This is an interesting aspect of 'green happy clapper' syndrome.  They feel like they are the modern thinkers and the people who deride their 'pre-packaged hip save-the-world life-style-choice - ready-to-wear on the sleeve - pulp' are just dumb old fashioned stick-in-muds.  Antiquated 'flat-earthers'- give me a break!.

But what the 'green happy clappers' do not get is they have been sold one giant pup.  They love it so much, it is so much a part of what they are, it is their 'big-eyed life-style brand-of-choice' that they fail to open their minds to the fact that they have been duped.  They are the product of mass media indoctrination, subliminal brainwashing, propaganda - call it what you like.

Instead, like the green evangelists they are, they want to convert all, they want to live their life in the green way, they want to make sacrifices.  They are lost in a false paradigm and any hint they have been fooled makes them just hunker down deeper into denial.

Why is 'thinking for yourself' antiquated?  Because part of the 'ready-made' conclusion they have absorbed is this CO2 idea is fresh, young, feisty, its edgy to be green.  Suckers!

By the time people awake, to really see what is happening and why, we risk being too weak and too controlled, by authoritarianism and propaganda, to save our nations and our hides.

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