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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

10:10 Climate Change Death Threat Video

This is the NASTY 10:10 climate change death threat video.  Produced by film director Richard Curtis who is married to and works with Emma Freud,  great-granddaughter of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Her younger brother is Matthew Freud, the husband of Rupert Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth Murdoch.

Don't tell me these people are stupid or do not understand the power and meaning of this production.  It sends a deep subliminal message; a serious threat.  Very nasty and very dangerous.

It looks like it backfired - the 10:10 campaign took down the video and 'apologised' for its content, but I would have thought they could have worked-out the stupidity of the theme from the outset.

I am crediting them with a modicum of brains I know, but my suspicion is:

a) they knew the video would have to be pulled but between times it would make a splash and draw the subject a greater level of attention than if it was just scientific and balanced.

b) they wanted to make a subliminal violent threat to people - especially children - to make them fear the social consequences of not accepting and submitting to the great GLOBAL WARMING HOAX.  They made fully considered death threats to children.

Teaching our children 'man-made climate change' theory in school is political indoctrination - not science.  And the problem is exacerbated by teachers who think it is fact based rather than conceive, even momentarily, that they are teaching a false and faulty theory.

If they talk about CO2 induced climate change they should also discuss with equal gravity the detail and arguments against the theory.  But they do not even start to understand the real science AND POLITICS behind the subject they pontificate on.

They lap-up the ready-made resources and spew them out as facts.

Here is another video, this was paid for by OUR GOVERNMENT.

This advert was directed specifically at our children. I tell a lie. This is not OUR GOVERNMENT any-more - it is just a part of the governmental enforcement arm of the global corporate, we are set to become tax slaves and CO2 taxation is how they intend to sell this rubbish to the human herd.

Here is another paid for by the UN who will be taking the carbon taxes and building their planned world government with this funding:

Here is one from PlaneStupid (a fully infiltrated stooge organisation) again aimed squarely at children:

This is a joyous contribution from Greenpeace - this lad needs more sleep:

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