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Monday, 23 March 2015

Understand 9/11 and You Understand We Must End 'The State'.

The core deceit is the impossibility of the narrative, ascribed by governments and mainstream-media across the world, in respect of all of the events surrounding the episode of 9/11. If one rejects the 'appeal to authority' fallacy contained within the authorised narrative and instead work to draw a conclusion based on independently gathered knowledge of the facts surrounding the events and then utilise unbiased logic to assess those facts the resultant conclusion is unequivocal: the 9/11 episode is seen to be a fraud of such a massive scale any further call to authority in regards of government or the mainstream media is impossible to maintain. It does not matter who caused 9/11 or how it was actually conducted, that is not what is important or what can be concluded with certainty, what is important is that one must conclude that government and mainstream media are completely untrustworthy. One must conclude that their intention is endless, endemic, mass deception.

We do not need to investigate, mitigate or mend. We need to reject the busted concept of government, we need to realise that the cult belief in 'the state' can only contain this inevitable propensity, for psychopathic corruption, in every aspect of its function. We need to end our acceptance of the inevitability of 'the state', our core belief that to have a functional human society some form of state, no matter how limited, is essential. We need to study to understand, to shatter the deep multi-generational indoctrination, that without any style of government, of any kind, human society will not only function but will function at its complete optimum for all but those who otherwise will always usurp the power of government for their own device and betterment.

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