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Monday, 23 March 2015

Capitalism, Corporatism and the State

There does not have to be a 'state' for Capitalism to work, indeed the free market is the very life-blood of a healthy economy and of a harmonious human society when unencumbered by 'the state'. The less 'the state' the more competition arises, the more competition arises the broader the economic and social benefit.

Corporatism is another matter and the two, Capitalism and Corporatism, should in no way be confused. Corporatism is utterly dependent on government to grant it faux personage, indemnity, patent, monopoly and privilege. True that Capitalism will seek-out whatever benefit it can derive from whatever medium in which it is set; and that includes taking whatever advantage it can derive and coerce from 'the state'. When Capitalism so feeds from 'the state' it morphs into Corporatism. That is not the fault of Capitalism that is one of the many faults of 'the state'.

End 'the state'. End Corporatism! Long live Freedom. Long live Capitalism. Long live the Free Market.

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