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Monday, 23 March 2015

End the cult of 'the state'!

The solution is to end the cult of 'the state'; the only solution.  'The state' is imaginary; it does not exist.  It only exists in the minds of the members of the cult and almost everybody is a member of the cult.   Almost everybody is indoctrinated into the belief that 'the state' is inherently necessary and good.


Very few understand that 'the state' has no moral legitimacy to use force to impose its will even if a supposed 'majority' should will it.  Even less understand that 'the state' is the invention of the ruling class and that 'the state' is imposed purely to subjugate the people into accepting the occulted rule of the ruling class.

Less still understand that, converse to the popular impression that anarchy would mean a collapse of human social order, anarchy just means 'without rulers' and that a human society without rulers would rapidly become an efficient self-organising system for the betterment of humanity (but no longer for just the betterment of 'the state's' outcast ruling class).

End 'the state'!

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