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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cat out of the bag! MI6 Gareth Williams, 'his sister' Cerri Subbe and other players.

Black and white photo-fit photos are the couple who apparently were seen at the apartment in the week or so preceding death.

If you click on the photos they can be viewed as larger images.

Just an observation!


  1. Don't you like trolls who tell you the truth? Your website should be removed immediately.

  2. Articulate your issue or push off. What do you not like and why?

  3. I happen to be a close relative of Gareth and find the photos upsetting and distasteful, please have some compassion.

    1. a/. I am doubtful of the veracity of the identity you claim - so make a verifiable official approach or push-off

      b/. My concern is with the truth not with the risk of incidental hurt feelings. This is a matter of importance. This is not some fun and games with the images of a dead young man and public servant in most curious circumstance. The images I show have serious implications.

  4. I got here because of this:

    As soon as I saw the picture of Gareth Williams, without knowing about the women's clothing and wigs etc, I could see that Gareth plucked his eyebrows. Also noted other things about his features which lend themselves well for a man looking convincingly like a woman.

    Then when I saw the picture of Gareth's sister I was struck by the similarity. Of course, they are siblings so why not? But if you want to get an idea of what Gareth could have looked like as a woman, then look at his sister. The one thing I thought a little more manly in his face though, was his chin. His sister appears to have a similar chin though. Gareth and his sister are so similar they could almost be the same person, except (probably) not, due to their bodies.

    It wouldn't surprise me to find that Gareth had below average size hands and feet for a man either. Which would also help.

    Friends say that he wasn't a cross dresser and that the women's clothes found in his flat, were presents for some unknown person. Yet they fail to miss the difference between a cross dresser (who enjoys dressing in women's clothing) and a transvestite (who wants to look like a women), fail to understand that transvestites can be "straight" and completely miss that he plucks his eyebrows. So it seems even his friends didn't know these things about him, despite half of his internet usage being for buying women's clothing and accessories.

    1. I am not so interested in this fellows apparent penchant for dressing as a woman - that is not what is of interest to me here. What I am alluding to is is that the public do not actually understand what kind of business or even know who one is actually dealing with here. The world of espionage and intelligence is one that makes constant use of deception and illusion.

      All I am saying is: maybe nothing is as it seems, maybe all these actors are one and of the same person.

      Hormone replacement therapy for female-to-male and male-to-female can make a man or a woman disappear from the face of the earth and yet remain with their friends and family too.


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