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Friday, 18 May 2012

The Illusion Of Hate - Ivan Waters 19 Oct 2011.

When we see great tragedy in the world, we see war, we see hunger, we see destruction of our biosphere, and we say to ourselves, “People are really just terrible, aren't they? We are killing this planet and we are killing each other, we are going to destroy ourselves one day.”

Whether we all feel deeply that this is true or not, (I have certainly heard the suggestion tabled in a wide variety of forums over the years) this notion however, is part of an illusion.

Strangely enough, you could travel the world over and over in your lifetime and never stop meeting compassionate, calm, loving people. They are literally everywhere – people with respect, dignity and intelligence. Not all of us get it right all the time, but instinctively we help, or are helped, by others in our time of need.

It would be ludicrous to suggest that there are no people who wish to hurt others, either by crime or control or violence, who live in our streets, in our cities, maybe in our homes. A very few behave like this because they like it and don’t see it as wrong. The greater majority does so because they are desperate, alone, ill, lost, lonely and left on the exterior of a world they do not understand or wish to join. Are these then the people who shall be our ruin? The multitudes of good? Or the wounded? Are they the cause for this inevitable self-annihilation? Are they the source of this magical evil and wrong doing? I would suggest they are not.

It is clear now, due in part to the increased availability of information, that there is a very real and separate history that occurred apart from the one that we have been taught. And an intricate and deliberate plan to control and suppress humanity as a whole, uncovered. We know now that the wars we and our families fought, the depressions, the millions of dead around the world, the constant state of animosity we are kept in with our fellow man; the bad food or the no food, this is a direct result of a few families, with beds made long ago, squabbling over control of wealth and power and us, who they control absolutely through money. This betrayal strikes deep at the human heart because it means the way of honour we have been shown, that which allows us to feel as if we are the on the good guys’ side is suddenly and transparently devoid of any real honour, and the sacrifices made by our brave and dutiful are a glory only to our enslavement.

Previously shrouded in mystery, these people have been demystified, only recently called the illuminati or such other things, we now know some of them by name and it has become impossible for the instigators of this lie, to conceal it any longer. The unveiling of this deep-rooted and potent façade adds up to nothing short of a global human awakening, in a very real, cosmic sense.

Many, people throughout history have been aware of this illusion, some may have just glimpsed it, but thought it too fantastic a lie to be true; Some may have seen it more clearly than others, or seek the poets and minstrels, philosophers and painters. It’s all there! The fact is that we share the legacy of an ancient device of control that we are growing out of.

We know that money, banks, armies and religions with churches are the tools of this device. The battle for the upper hand on the stick of this mechanism has become increasingly complex and more and more destructive. The resources needed to power it are getting harder to come by and the cost of sustaining it is weighing heavily on this planet. Cracks are starting to form in the façade, and as the impossibility of keeping it intact grows, so to the number of people who see the deception will grow. This is happening now, we can all feel it; in fact it needs no real description, but more and more of us are starting to stare aghast at the trickery and illusion, and at how starkly different life could be, once we can begin to see again.

No longer is it the eccentric or the mad or the mystic talking of secret societies and conspiracy theories. Today, in middle America somewhere, two guys, neighbours, are sweeping the front drive together, scratching their heads saying, “You know Bob, I think the government did that 9/11 job. And they didn’t really even try to hide it that well, and if they’re doing that, then – hang on a minute – what else is going on around here?”

This is the start of a journey to discovering not only what has been done in our name, but to questioning what we will do now. To imagining what we could do on our own, free from this framework’s purpose to subdue and extract.

In North Africa, the Middle East – all over the world, there are people facing a separate lie, but the same one. There are different circumstances and different standards to achieve everywhere, but It has become clear that an overall reform of how we treat each other is necessary. It has also become clear that the first point on that agenda has got to be to end the cycle of violence and destruction and abuse which is created by allowing those who control all the wealth to control the government. This has been said many times before in history and may sound trite, but circumstances are allowing this idea to resonate on a never-before seen scale. At this point there is a calm urgency for it to take place. We will need courage and compassion as our guides for the coming transition. We are not going to kill ourselves or destroy the world, because we are the 99%.

Ivan Waters
19 Oct 2011.

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