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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The War We Don't Bother To Look For

A few scribes line-up to let St John of Pilger take their confession and, by way of attempting to purify (or perhaps indemnify) themselves, in penance have their contrition open for all to see, for all to pour scorn or forgive.  I say; hang the dogs!

We cannot complain about Bush, his NeoCon masters, the CIA, Mossad, Blair (spit), the shower of MP's and senators who should have asserted their power, the military, the MOD, the UN, the Hutton & Chilcots and even the hoods who are allowed to own or control the worlds media (including the BBC).  Such human faeces will always float to the surface and it is the duty of the news' commentators to help clean such foul detritus away.

I am just an everyday fellow but one who has taken serious note of events, studied and learnt, since the, so called, attacks of 9/11 and have since reached solemn conclusions, available to all who take the trouble to seek it out, about the nature of world leadership - especially today.

The War You Don't See?  If any of this documentary is news to you you are a mainstream-media junky; you need to start to develop your own understanding and opinions.  People are dying at the hands of those who are acting in our name; don't you know?

The keystone in the success of those who command a plethora of hidden and conspiratorial agendas is a contrite, muted, compliant press.  We need journalists (not reporters) who will seek-out the truth and write it no matter the consequence.  They fear the truth will, at the least, finish their careers.  And at the worse, of cause, fear much more serious threats too. The alternative, the continued failure of the media/press, will be very tough indeed for all but the ultra elite - not just some easily forgotten foreign johnnies.

In unison there is a tough challenge before journalists and commentators.  I am sure John Pilger could speak far more plainly than this documentary portrays, speak of how this outrageous violence has come about, but if he did the program would not be on TV.  So he gets what part of the message he can across in the best way he can - the rest is up to you.

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