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Monday, 13 December 2010

TrickiLeaks or WikiBollocks.

Sorry folks but this 'item' is more of a selection of links to resources whereby you will assemble the facts rather than an article (or rant) that tries to pull it all together into one meaningful ... err ... lump!  I think this is the best way on this occasion.  So a rather fascinating little journey awaits.

Julian Assange’s glaringly FALSE assertion that Wikileaks had anything to do with the original release of the (so called) ‘Climategate’ Climatic Research Unit (CRU) emails.

The CRU emails were first anomalously uploaded to a server belonging to ‘RealClimate’ and subsequently a file-share server in Russia. If this had been carried out by WikiLeaks, as Assange perhaps is attempting to impress, why would they not just have posted the files to the public via their own server?

Why does Assange feel it necessary to comment of the significance and veracity of the revelations within? 


Wikileaks and Julian Assange - Another False Flag Operation? Who Are behind Them?

Just who is Julian Assange?

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