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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Wikirrigation - By means of water, we give life to everything. - Koran, 21:30

On one hand it is important that the freedom to spread information, and opinions, of a sensitive political nature is preserved; is not degraded or amended especially via the internet. It is important political force is not unduly wheedled. International authorities handling of WikiLeaks should not be allowed to set any precedents and must not be prejudicial, which currently it looks very much to be. Potentially spurious allegations should be dealt with as they would for any other individual of political significance who may be a target for false attacks.

On the other hand none of this situation means Julian Assange should be considered to actually be that which he appears, is cast, to be. He should not be taken to be anything less than a covert mouth-piece of a US/Israeli imperial/militaristic agenda. The information he is dispersing, these so called US diplomatic cables, can be seen to be not actually doing the US or Israel any real significant or lasting harm. Any harm is almost entirely reserved for other parties and indeed whilst little 'new' material is being revealed it can be seen to only consolidate a certain 'world view' - very conveniently.

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks warrant one's extremely close factual background examination before going too far down the line of 'being on side' with them; of thinking what they reveal represents a meaningful alternative world view.

Indeed any general damage to journalist's confidence and freedom, to result from this apparent debacle, could be no less a part of a predestined outcome also.

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