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Friday, 15 January 2016

We Can See Propaganda by Accepting Nothing and Questioning Everything

Where previously the British Military were allowing 'embedded' journalists to report on their actions this has now changed and a new unit within the army has been formed which has drawn together several previously independent units.  Known since 2015 as the 77th Brigade (which is a hat-tip to Orde Wingate the British officer who formed a 77th Brigade in WWII Burma and who is a much revered Zionist hero who trained for and established brutal and murderous fighting techniques against the indigenous Palestinian resistance & ), a renaming of the Security Assistance Group, this unit now comprises of :

  • No.1 Column - Planning support focusing on the behavioural analysis of actors, audiences and adversaries
  • No.2 Column - Provides the detail synchronisation and delivery of effect
  • No.3 Column - Provides highly deployable specialists to other parts of the Armed Forces and other Government organisations
  • No.4 Column - Provides professional specialists in Security Capacity Building in Defence
  • No.5 Column - Media Operations and Civil Affairs
  • No.6 Column - Apparently does not exist following just a Brigade traditional (if you want to believe that)
& more recently
  • No.7 Column - The Engineer and Logistics Staff Corps - A powerful and influential specialist Army Reserve unit providing engineering, logistics and communication consultancy to both the MOD and across government agencies.

So if you want honesty and truth of what is occurring in war zones you can guess this genius club will put their spun onto wherever they can (in not only the mainstream media but also in social media and who knows where in independent media too).

Beyond perhaps the limit of their thinking would be to accept the military have been acting under illegal orders and take immediate steps to put right the wrongs they have perpetrated under the laws of war and natural law.

Under the former Security Assistance Group, the unit included the following units:[3]

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