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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Why the Emperor Has No Clothes

Stumbling around pointing-out that the emperor is utterly nude will not, in itself, produce a solution.

The durable solution has to start with the rejection of the belief in 'the state' as having proper legitimacy and good utility. Until this central paradigm is seen as false no good thing can follow.

The reason why the Emperor has no clothes is because he does not, and never could, actually exist; the idea of having and needing an Emperor being only a deeply held, indoctrinated, cult belief.

'The state' elite may whisper that 'the Emperor has no clothes' but scant few will admit, even silently to themselves, that they cannot actually see him, clothed or naked, at all.

And fewer still know that, whilst they are playing out this macabre carnival of self-deception and despite a cold wind blowing, they themselves are indeed all stark naked too.

'The state' elite never had any clothes, cannot have clothes, always were and always are perpetually dressed only in an imaginary attire of deceit, force and indoctrination.

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