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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Know Who the Enemy Actually Is!

The thing to remember is it is not government, 'the state', that is the enemy. 'The state' does not exist, it is a fiction, a belief, a cult. To protest that 'the state' is out of control is to simply share in the delusion.

People individually do not have the right behave in such a way as they think do when they believe they are functioning within the remit of the fiction of 'the state'. Where do these people think the right of 'the state' comes from to act in the way no individual could rightfully behave? No group of individuals can appropriate legitimate powers they do not individually or collectively possess.

There is no mending this false belief system. 'The state' will always lead to usurpation and abuse - that is what it is conceived for regardless of the idealogical spin perpetrated to fluff the gullible. Know the enemy or at least know who the enemy actually is: the enemy is all people who believe in the cult of 'the state' - actors and subjects.


  1. Quite so. The state is a cult, constructed by a group of oligarchs to coerce other men into slavery by taxation.


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