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Friday, 10 April 2015

"Forward, Joe Soap's army, marching without fear, with our brave commander, safely in the rear."

People want to use the power of the religious cult of 'the state' to enforce their world view, wants and wishes. The girl getting married wants a legally binding 'marriage contract' to make it less likely the father of her child will just push off and never pay for the raising of his children (and the feller wants his wife to commit to not sleeping with other men and dupe him into paying for a child not his). The voter prays for a new school, road, hospital built in their town at the expense of tax-payers in other towns who do not get the same. And people wish for the idea of what is 'their property' expanded to include all 'state' controlled property and have influence on what can happen to that, the same, by usurping the power of the state to do their personal bidding.

I question: what gives one set of people living in one part of the world divided by imaginary lines, (drawn a century ago on a map by an elite oligarchy of psychopathic priestly manipulators), apparently no right to visit, live, work or invest on the other side of that illusionary divide?

I believe Joe Soap is fully entitled to say he does not want, for whatever reason, whosoever in his bed, home, garden, farm, business or property. That is his business and if he wants to, say, run a hotel that bans Japanese people, transvestite people, tall people and smart people that is up to him. If there is a market for having a hotel that does not have such a dull and muddled outlook on what is necessary for commercial success Joe will never get to own a chain of hotels around the world.

If a whole island is owned (roads, beaches, the lot) by a conglomerate of Joe Soap's mates: they can do the same. There will also be places in the world where everyone is welcome to come and spend, flourish and thrive. Backwaters like Joe's Island will soon enough become a thing of the past.

But whilst there is the power of the state, which will always be usurped to do the bidding of individual's preferences and xenophobic based beliefs, there there will always be a perversion, a corruption, on the form of balanced human societal structure that would rapidly manifest without it, that is without 'the state'.

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