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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Surviving the CIA Torture State

Some time ago I posted a video of an Amnesty International cinema 'advert' which described water-boarding onto my YouTube channel. Within a week it had 430,000 hits and my other selection of self-made videos, about war in Iraq, the death of Dr David Kelly, the EU, Blair's body language, the BA038 Boeing 777 crash and so on, all had viewings rocket accordingly too. I dedicated my time to vigorously responding to 'meathead' comments defending the NeoCon agenda and military heroism. I was brutal in my honesty.

Guess the result? My channel was close by YouTube with my old ISP numbers all today still remaining blocked by YouTube. I could never be certain the waterboarding video was the cause of the account's closure but it is my best guess. It was a successful 'truth' enterprise till then but I have not really got back, in the same way, into video blogging, one way and another, as a result.

Of America's use of torture, imprisonment without trial, spying, murderous wars of aggression, murder of innocents (at least hundreds of thousands in Iraq), financial malevolence and the clear fiction surrounding 9/11 causing fulfilment of the NeoCon Zionist 'Project for the New American Century' agenda: I blame the American people. They have allowed their government to be hijacked and have tolerated this since at least the time of JFK being killed and greatly before too. They have allowed their country to turn into a Police State and to be run as the tax-cow for a Hegemonic Corporate Fascist Empire war machine.

The bulk of the people are so dumbed down as to the truth and so hyped-up over false rhetoric it is shameful. The many Americans who do understand the dangerous nature of this conundrum need to act, have to act, else they are just part of the problem too.
Act or pay the price folk. You are at war, you are under attack. Accept this no longer. Do not rest or resign till you succeed or die. Fail to act and the outcome will be disastrous for you, for your land and for the people of the world.

Act does not mean violence. Violence will fail. The one thing your state is good at is violence. They want you to be violent. They want to kill you. Yes: they want to kill YOU. Don't give them any excuse for violence. Don't even just protest. Protest is just 'silly begging' of your slave-masters for them to grant a little change. Protesting is accepting the authority of 'the state'.

The action required is to get organised, find others to work with, share knowledge and resources, plan and then just get on with the business of educating your fellow citizen. Keep off the 'wacky', deal with the substantive. Teach people how to understand, for themselves, what is happening and introduce them to the range of topics. The ones so dumbfounded they cannot listen or understand: brush aside. Move on to the next and the next and the next.

Secondly: reject the false belief in 'the state'. It has not worked, does not work, will not work and never can be made to work. 'The state' is only the device of your enslavement and the best tool of your enslavers. All apparent benefits of 'the state' are deception and can be better achieved in other, more simple and efficient, ways. If you do not understand this yet: work on it. You will never be free whilst there is a state to contend with. And you will never be free in yourself until you get this set correctly in your mind.

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