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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Going a little MAD

If I got to express my anger, my breath snagging rage, my stuttering red-faced fury, people would look at me as if I am MAD! What a flipping joke. That I keep myself contained - that's what is mad.

I watch what I say and to who I say it. I see podgy fools collecting money at the door of supermarkets in the name of military veteran's charity 'Help for Heros'. Their 'heros' are no more than gullible stooges, duped to work as the dogs of war for conflicts they did not start to understand. And when they get their bodies mashed and their minds trashed they are used all over again by painting them as Heros, not victims of their ignorance, and using their distress for the continued manipulations of state beneficial propaganda.

What is mad is people tend not to see any of this. They do not see the false agenda to delivery nations to wars, the manipulation of perception as war is under-way, the outrage of military conduct. What the hell is 'shock and awe' if it is not clearly to strike terror into the victims of the attack: that is terrorism. Who did not know about endless detention without trial, about torture, about abuse. Who does not know what 'collateral damage' really means. The crime is the people's for their insufferable ignorance that allows this all to continue.

What is mad is that the people are not howling with fury. But they will not because they are stupefied. Their minds are in receive mode only. Accept and parrot just as they have been taught to do at school. Do not question. Do not form your own opinion. Do not reject. Do not spread descent.  Do not be the 'odd one out'.

I am mad since I am compliant in being self-corralled instead of stepping up and continuously expressing my rage. Inside I am boiling, sick of all the dumb fools, like living in a zombie world. I am isolated in a cult world, the religious cult of 'the state'. And I, one of a lonely few who can see, can see and yet, to fit in, still play along.

And this is how sanity looks
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