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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Bank of England warn quantitative easing could lead to “unwarranted depreciation of sterling”

I did not appoint these fools. I did not sign-up for this. But it looks like I'll have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

When you have an unlimited and growing financial liability to which it can be demanded that you yield - with all the 'authority' of a government by way of its absolute powers of taxation and force - you are extremely exposed. Nobody in their right mind would accept such a liability willingly.

This so called 'quantitative easing' can only lead to “a depreciation of sterling”. That is obvious. The only reason depreciation would not be apparent is if every other currency is being produced at the same rate or there is seen to be an equivalent growth of value of the specific money producing nation's total economic resource.

The situation is clearly the former: depreciation is not so apparent, with sterling yet, because most other major currencies are being produced at a similar rate. But that does not mean the value of money is not falling, it just means the value of these currencies are all falling simultaneously (like an ill equipped international school of bungee-jumping).

And still inflation is not yet so intensely evident. Why? Because of deflation in so many market sectors due simply to the generally failing economy. There is no scope to increase prices of any kind of goods and services which folk feel they can, if need be, do without (because the market is so soft, disposable income so thin, without they will do).

 I did not sign-off for this maybe but categorically my kids did not in any way and so if you are born into debt that is indentured servitude or, put it another-way, slavery; TAX SLAVERY! And so it is. We are the HUMAN-TAX-HERD and this place we foolishly thought of as being 'our country' is nothing of the sort. It is a giant TAX-FARM. 

Who the beneficial owners are is not so clear - I say "follow the money". But our 'democratically elected' squad of muppits are just a foil of fake accountability and their boundless army of public sector money eaters just give them a virtually guaranteed mandate. Belief in the necessity of 'The State' (of any kind or form) is the most persistent and dangerous superstitious illusion of which I am now thankfully utterly free.

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