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Monday, 4 February 2013

The paradigm of the necessity of the state is false.

It would be nice to believe that our conundrums are simply the result of ineffectiveness, inefficiency and incompetence alongside of greedy capitalists taking advantage where they can.  I do not think so.

I think, opposite to the apparent shambles being the result of poor planning and management, the slow death of the global economy results from a long-term global manipulation of central banks and the currencies they issue. 

The so called 'political leaders' are bit-part patsies who are selected to go along or be destroyed.  Democracy is a hollow sham devised to give the impression these people represent the interests of the plebiscite.

The desired outcome is to drive the current human-tax-slave tax-farms known as 'nations' into every deeper integration within a series of pan-continental unions and in turn drive those unions towards a single union of global governance; an ambition referred to, by our political masters, as the 'New World Order'.

Alongside of this is the necessity to draw the variety of currencies issued by this plethora of 'nation-state' tax-farms into similar pan-continental union currencies (the EURO the AMERO the AFRO etc), then represent their international transaction with a SDR based currency and eventually supplant all with a single global unified currency.

Conspiracy or Cock-up?

If everything that goes awry at the hands of government are just more and more cock-ups, please when do we declare the whole concept of the state a busted-flush - that it is a belief as muddled, deep-rooted but as wrong as that of religion (sorry bible bashers).

Or do we accept that the degeneration of so much, when so many great minds ponder endlessly upon all, is not all accidental but deliberate and failure is core to the perpetuation of the state; at which point we should too declare it to be a busted-flush.

The paradigm of the necessity of the state is false.

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  1. Until people see the paradigm of the state is false - that the state is in anyway necessary, desirable even, for the successful progression of human society - we are lost. The state and its governments have and always will be a corruption against the will of the people - the right of all humanity to exist unencumbered and free.

    The paradigm of the state is as ridiculous as wanting the perpetuation of slavery or belief in man-made religion. Belief in the state is a quasi form of religious belief and is a form of slavery - tax-slavery. Worse the state is reliant - utterly dependent - on its monopoly of the use of violent force - not just in war but to impose its assumed authority. If there was no state violence allowed - no use of force - the state would end instantly.

    We do not need to be just 'out of the EU' we need to be completely free of the mechanisms imposed by those who believe-in and wish to perpetuate the state.


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