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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Youngster Tasered in the back, whilst trying to run away handcuffed, falls and suffers vegetative head injury. Cop gets pat on the back.

"Had to Tezer her because she was running out of the door"

Many 'cops' are lazy and will use whatever methods they are allowed to get the result they want. That is life; that is the result of sloppy management. Perhaps that is the result of a nation state where the police are allowed to use unnecessary violent force without criticism. Perhaps the reason this sort of treatment of the public is allowed, passes without prosecution resulting, is to send a subliminal message to all that: the 'state' is the power not the people. It is not to help police do their job - breaking the covenant between the police and the people can never contribute to the successfulness of state authorised policing.

The recommendation from APCO in the UK for the circumstances when our 'police' can use these devices was: where officers are facing violence or threats of violence of such severity that they would need to use force to protect the public, themselves and/or the subject(s) of their action. That is a fair directive (if a state monopoly on the use of force can ever be seen as such).

The actions of the cop who caused this girl to fall and suffer brain damage do not appear meet this sensible APCO directive. She was not a violent threat. The threat of harm to herself was far greater by making her fall whilst handcuffed than the officer's assertion he was concerned she could have run into traffic - what traffic? This is a LIE.

That she was running substantially increased the threat of injury from falling at speed whilst paralysed from the effect of the device. That she was handcuffed made an injury from a fall extremely likely. Injuries resulting from falls is a substantial threat resulting from the use of Tasers, even if the subject is not moving and unrestrained. This is one of many reasions why their use must be strictly limited to the parameters delineated within a directive such as that proffered by the UK APCO. Their use on a running subject should be only under extreme circumstances of violent threat - not a common situation if a subject is running away from you.

The TASER web info states:

* it is important to remember that the very nature of self-defence, use of force, and physical confrontation or incapacitation involves a degree of risk that someone will get hurt or may even be killed due to physical exertion, unforeseen circumstances, and/or individual susceptibilities.

* The TASER device is to be used only for lawful self-defence or in the defence of others.

* its use can result in injuries, including ...... secondary injuries related to falling.

* Subject may fall immediately to the ground and be unable to catch him/herself.

* see downloads manuals at:

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