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Friday, 17 February 2012

Do You Give a Fig?

Stop paying tax! We are all trained to think that 'avoidance' is a shameful disgrace but the line must be drawn - the longer we leave this simple action the more intractable it is going to become.

The state is a sham - it is a racket and ALL the people who work for the state have nothing less than a vested interest in its continuance, all the people who take some form of benefit, from having their bins emptied to receiving every penny they spend, buy into its perpetuation - to some extent or other including me.

But the truth is it is a busted flush. It works through the use of force and that alone requires its continuance to be seen as illicit.

Those who want to force me to work to pay for their kids to go to school or have their granny's bunions removed are part of the criminal enterprise.

We are duped into permitting the continuance of the criminal enterprise called The State with minimal returns. The big returns are made by the corporate and financial enteritis who control the whole ugly enterprise, and always will, and who skim as much as they can from the top without reservation.

The state is a money gathering machine, the people are slaves to this system. Tax Slaves. They are the human herd and the nation states are the farms, Tax Farms.

All we need to do to stop this cycle is to see the truth and refuse to travel this path any more.

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