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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Herd Management Program

Without comprehension of the nature or the facts, the people of the various nation states comprising the EU have long-since been loaded into cattle-trucks (of various guises) and continue on their slow clanking journey to an unwitting destination. The route may be convoluted, obscure, delayed or apparently benign but their fate is their predetermined destiny and a part of this journey has to be that they will never be plainly told where all the tracks eventually head.

Too stupid a herd are people that the manifold benefits perceived for the full integration of old-style nations into continental supra-national unions and further into one omnipotent world governance would simple pass them by. Humans instinct for tribal loyalty and racial grouping would surmount and stifle any reasoned call with the supposed logic for the ultimate formation of a newly ordered single world authority.

And so instead this must be achieved by subterfuge and conniving manipulation. Our so called representatives share various conceptions for the merits of this goal and understand its purported benevolent and altruistic ambition along with the absolute necessity to resist its definition.

By its formation's very nature, that of its being assembled of illiberal covert means, it stands equal opportunity of, when ultimately realised, becoming a manifestation of the ugliness of which it is being born. All resistance will be at best futile and worst deemed necessary to completely oppress.

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