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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The One Certain Truth of 9/11

Whilst I am well informed of a broad range of suggestions I am highly resistant to advancing any alternative ideas with certainty as to how the events of 9/11 came about, none of them are based in solid, indisputable, factual evidence. None of them stack-up as unquestionable. And that includes the, so called, official theory. The official theory is full of inconsistencies that defy belief too.

There is just one thing I am certain of as regards 9/11 and that is we do not know, beyond any reasonable doubt, the truth of the events of the day. And we certainly do not understand the mechanisms by which any of the WTC towers structurally collapsed and how then so much of their residue had greatly disappeared. It defies logic and science.

Basing ones confidence just on the indisputably of the word of the US government and the main-stream media is not enough to 'hang your hat' on that as being fact. Take that notion out of the equation and the house of cards upon which the narrative is built collapses to the ground in a moment leaving nothing but dust blowing in the wind.


  1. It has become pointless to discuss 9/11 with anybody any more. Those that will not look will never see and you just end up loosing any respect for people that you know and like.

    1. It appears to be useful to give people the 'heads-up' as to the 'stuff' they should be looking at in our world. But I think, on balance, that the whole process of discovery, finding and working it out for yourself, is where the 'epiphany' is most deeply rooted. Doing the work is fundamental to the process. In my experience: my intellect grew. I changed. I became an autodidactic.

      On this September the 11th I posted a item on my personal FaceBook, much the same as my last two posts here on EUbrainwashing, and, unsurprisingly, not obtained one response of any sort - a vacuum. Conversely I can post to FB a funny or cute picture with a witty line, photos of the kids, etc. and it will get maybe 50 thumbs-up from people I link to. I do all sorts as experiments to see what 'works' with my Facebook 'friends'.

      People are, I am sorry to say, weak, afraid and lost - its pathetic. I hardly know anyone - face-to-face - who really gets this stuff (freedom & NWO/911 etc). I could be wrong of cause, a deluded fool, but I am certain that I am not. I have had fifteen years of learning and thinking deeply and they have not even started. They have no idea!

      Sometimes I feel the 'elite' has a point: that maybe the Hoi Polloi are 'expendable' - get rid of them! Then the ones who's genetic-line is going to come through this are the 'more-fit', selected by the latest form of same various dynamics of evolutionary pressure that has brought the present line of the human race thus far.

      Clearly to me this attitude is a core motivation of the 'elite' - they believe they are the 'most fit' and intend to form a world where their line thrives, perhaps even splitting the human-race into two or more breeds, a master breed and workers. See:

      Regards to you and many thanks for your comment - a little feedback is a pleasure to receive.

  2. Interesting that a Rothschild was involved with it's establishment. I will have to make time for a visit - maybe coupled with a day of trout fishing on the reservoir. Thanks for the info.
    Regarding "the heads up" - you are right. You can lead a horse to water etc.

    1. Very interesting Lionel Walter Rothschild was involved. Shows to me what the man was interested in regarding 'race' which maybe reflects on his interest in helping to found Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people but also, I fancy more so, tells of an interest in the idea of an elite ruling race - one that owns and controls humanity and the world.

      Should you ever get to visit the Tring Museum and Reservoirs let me know and we can meet-up. It is not far from home.
      also near by to Tring

    2. I will do that.


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