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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

I'm King of My World (as you are of yours)

I am a monarch, ruler and subject, sovereign of myself and myself only!  A state of anarchy does exist, has to exist, can only exist; now and at all times.

The impositions and bamboozlements of the believers in the cult of 'the state' has to work against, deny and hide this constant state of anarchy from view.

'The state' is false, an illusion, and therefore does not exist.  'The state' is just cult members doing whatever it is they think they are required or authorised to do.

There is only one freedom and that is the freedom of your mind.  They may chain you to the ground but whilst your mind is free you are free.

End 'the state'!


  1. While the state may be just an abstract, existing only in the minds of men, its apparatus of coercion is very real. The cult members doing what they think they are authorised to do will ruin your life if you openly resist.

    1. Thanks for your comment. You are right Mike. Just the same as a pack of wolves, a biker gang, a mad-man in the park who thinks he is being attacked by zombies. Attempts to rationalise with them when they are doing their thing is not a good time to express these ideas! Whispering "God does not exist" in a church-goer's ears just whilst they are kneeling down to pray is not likely going to change their mind either!

      Lets face it, that is just not the time to go to work with these ideas. What is good is knowing this and, should you be confronted and even attacked, using this knowledge to help you keep your head, your self-esteem and to help you act in the moment to your best interests.

      I have never actually had a problem with our UK cops, they are just people trying to do their best most often, even if they are living by a set of false ideas. It is unlikely they will know or understand what they really do - that they are the attack dogs of a control society managed and dominated by a money-power elite oligarchy. Kindness works better.


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