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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Defence in a Stateless Society

The topic of 'Defence' is a very large one!  It is interesting that we have a 'Ministry of Defence' as a part of the state but not, apparently, a 'Ministry of Attack'!  Could there be some loaded words used against us here, un petit peu of subliminal propagandising brainwashing speak perchance?

If we closed the 'Ministry of Attack', disbanding the paraphernalia of destruction and sanctified killers, and replaced it with a measured system of 'home defence' would it be infinitely improbable to think that it could not just be sponsored by a willing public - if such an organisation was really needed at all?

I say people need more imagination.  I say we did not know how the cotton would get picked, the tobacco harvested or the sugar-cane cut when we said that slavery was an inhuman outrage.  We did not know.  We did not imagine robotic machines could do the work at a lower cost than unpaid men.  And if slavery had continued maybe those machines would never have emerged.

The ingenuity and imagination of mankind knows no bounds except for the limitations imposed upon us by those who would shackle us to the feudal tithe gathering system that is the state.

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