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Thursday, 17 January 2013

The sham of democracy

Att:  Rt Hon Peter Bone MP

Dear Mr Bone

In Prime Minister's Question Time yesterday, sat next to you, the Prime Minister said "I do not think it would be right for Britain to have an in/out referendum today, because we would be giving the British people a false choice."

I do not understand what he means by 'a false choice'.  The choice for ' in or out ' is genuine enough for me.

I have lost all faith in the process of 'government'.  I consider it to be a sham supported only by false logic, weak rhetoric and an utterly pliant media.

I do not believe the true interests of the people living on these islands are represented by this or any other government likely to emerge.  I believe the mantra to dissolve nation states into a soviet of pan-continental unions and onward towards an eventual global 'governance' union is the only one allowed any traction and that movement in that direction is inextricable - imposable to resist.

Yours truly

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