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Saturday, 3 March 2012

9/11 programming

Following the destruction of the World Trade Buildings I was unquestioning of the explanation that this was the action of Al Qaeda, a group of Islamic terrorists of who I had no previous knowledge. A few days later whist motoring in an open-top on a cold evening a large aircraft flew low overhead as I drove and as it did so water vapour plumed from it's wings. My immediate assumption was that this was a poison attack and I had been directly subjected to it. Fortunately I have survived.

Subsequently a friend e-mailed, just as a curio, a link to 'Spot the Boeing' the French website questioning the nature of the damage to the Pentagon and, right or wrong in every detail of it's thesis, it was this alternative view that made me start to examine the official explanation of these and other related events. That journey has lead me to the understanding that, upon the balance of probability, these events are all a part of an ongoing series of deceptions to control the minds of the majority.

One detail that I consider to be very telling is the date of the attack. 911 does not mean much to people in the UK, for a start we write our dates the other way around: 11.9.01. But for Americans this number being also the emergency phone number has deep set subliminal inferences. The number has connotations of fear, injury, loss and so on.

But most significantly, to use the 911 phone number (999 in the UK) is for a citizen to willingly capitulate responsibility to authority. I do not see how reference to this effect would contribute to the aims of Al Qaeda. And if one is supposed to think Al Qaeda did not realise the dates subliminal significance, why would they want to reference it and reinforced it's effect with the Madrid bombing being 911 days after '911' ?

I consider Al Qaeda would not want the people to abdicate authority to government, they would want people to reject authority as inept and powerless. Al Qaeda would want people to capitulate to them.

911 is the date of choice for a government that wants it as a memorable and fear invoking 'trigger' to be referred to daily, in one way and another, repeatedly to reminded the public of it's old and new meanings.

Indeed 911 was referenced by '311', the Madrid train bombings, and less commonly realised 311 occurred just a little over 911 days after Sept the 11th 2001 (Between the collapse of the second of the Twin Towers, the North Tower Building, and the first train's departure to Madrid there was - within less than 5 minuets - 911 days, 911 minutes and perhaps 911 seconds).

The Bali ONE took place 999 days before the London 7/7 attack. (999 is the UK emergency number).

Bali TWO took place on 1/10 - ( 110 is the police telephone number in Bali).

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