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Monday, 30 January 2012

Transnational Corporalisation

There may well be those, ideologically lead perhaps, who believe globalisation and a corporatised world governance utilising 'scientific control' is the best, or perhaps only, solution for mankind; they are drawn to this conclusion through a variety of means. Those who recognise, and act against, the falsehood of this Machiavellian momentum to global union are doomed to be sidelined, ridiculed, ignored or eradicated.

This 'business plan' is an inextricable self-perpetuating monster, the head of which is so obstructed from view it is hard to resoundingly identify with certainty; the elites have patsies, their patsies have their patsies too. But those we take to be the elites may themselves just be patsies, permitted to act in relatively plain view, acting for and on behalf of behalf a entirely concealed ruling oligarchy.

Whichever way it is the goal cares not one jot for humanity; humanity is just the livestock. The nations are just the tax-farms; a system designed just to optimise the yield from the tax-slave herd. The problem is 'rogue' nations. Nations who base their currencies in gold. Nations that have sovereign central banks. Nations who oppose the ambitions of the global corporations, the elites and their prospective master. 

Humanity can be allowed suffer. To the motives of this monster it matters not. Only suffering which causes resistance to their ambitions will be moderated. The in excess of one million innocent civilians of Iraq who, according to the well founded Lancet report, died as a result of the Bush/Blair/NeoCon illegal war against their nation understand what this means. But their voice will not be heard. They will not be recognised in the propaganda system we can broadly identify as 'mainstream media'. 

Why should the Iraqis count any less than the people of (so called) western democracies. They do not. We are spared only so long as our governments keep moving in the prescribed direction. All resistance and threat, one way or another, ends-up 'dead in the woods'.

And whilst this system is allowed to progress its Fabian agenda it is only to become more dangerous, more oppressive more controlling. It will progress until we are all under the cosh and till we do not understand or recognise what has become of Humanity.

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