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Monday, 31 October 2011

Amputate the Psychostate

None of these people, the leaders of political parties, have the interests of the people of the British Isles to the forefront of their minds.

They perhaps have a vision of how the world should manifest, in their opinion, to best endure.  More likely they broadly know the objectives they must help ease into place to so retain their position, power and authority.

That objective goes beyond an European superstate.   The final objective is a single world superstate with each continental region functioning with a degree of autonomy - but not with regional independence.

And in the mind of a utopian visionary dreamer it can indeed look like the only means by which the world can be guided to function efficiently, 'sustainably' and peacefully into an indefinite future.

I can understand that notion for centralised world governance if only because, as a youngster, I considered that too to be the only enduring option.  That was before I really understood the depth of selfish corruption that has continuously existed; existed as long as has the edifice of, in one form or other, the state.  That was before I broke free from the paradigm that the existence of a state is essential to civilised and productive human existence.

My conclusion is: there is no place for the state, for everything that the state touches, or that can inveigle the state to do its bidding, corrupts; and corrupts wielding the power and authority, intended only for the state, usurped instead to fulfil its corrupt ends.

Worse.  It is not the risk that all states, once established, corrupt to ends that do not represent the ends wished for by the people who the state purports to represent.   It is that, from the very outset, the state is conceived, controlled and steered to achieve these corrupt ends.  The only protection from and prevention of the formation of this otherwise unavoidable cankerous growth is to remove the medium upon which it parasitically depends - the state.  The state can be prevented from becoming inevitably foul and corrupt only by having no state in place at all.  That will not prevent corruption but it will limit it sufficiently to preclude its scope of becoming an all-encompassing strangling growth.

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