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Monday, 11 July 2011

For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto - Murray N. Rothbard

This is not my government paying dues to the EU and that keeps poring money in to try and keep this Frankenstein currency appearing to be alive. My government does not exist.

This is not my government waging illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. My government has been hijacked.

This is not my government that keeps giving away the sovereignty of the nation I believed I was born to have a rightful a share of and to pass to my kin. My government has been corrupted long ago.

This is not my government that borrows and borrows from god knows who all money, money that I naively once thought was issued by my government itself. My government has been fooled and forced to handover the key to power.

Now the problem is: how can I get this rogue Kleptocracy to keep their hands off the profits of my labour, my property and my freedom. How can I get them out power. How can I assure that what replaces them is sufficiently robust that such a poison can never return.

There is no example in history of rulers and civilisations that looks any better. All power corrupts. They all decay as greed and power usurps the 'throne'.

Why do we keep trying to reinvent the institution of state, so historic it's despicable origins are preserved in the fossil record? Because the system of the state is a self-replicating organism.

The solution is simple. Have nothing to be governed, no leadership, no centralised authority. No state at all - zilch! If there is no state there is nothing to corrupt, nothing to grow in unyielding authority, no cudgel for an oligarchy to seize and coerce to do its bidding, covertly or at the barrel of a gun.

We are trained to dismiss this prospect as unworkable; "why that would be anarchy!" all cry out. Indeed; yes it would be anarchy, but in the real, correct sense of the word. For that very word has been stolen and usurped to describe a world with no rule of law and so where lawlessness abodes.

We do not need the state to uphold legality to protect our property and in that our rights to ourselves, our own life. That can be accomplished without a state.

It takes a leap of imagination; to start thinking how such a world could work and not default to the converse embedded reflex of just trying to defend and justify the paradigm within which we all are currently and truly lost.

I strongly recommend anyone who is considering the search for a better alternative to the state and government, as we know it, to take the opportunity to read this work:

For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto - Murray N. Rothbard

Read free on-line or for free MP3/PodCast download.

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